Attending ATOS? WE Can Help – Update

As many of you are aware from the original post, I am the founding director of Disability Enabling and Empowerment Project (Leic’s) (DEAEP); this project came about from a discussion I had with my daughter and my best friend (both disabled) regarding how we three would manage to get through the ESA/DLA assessments and other such troubling appointments, without the mutual support of each other.

Currently we have written all the paperwork necessary to run a 10 week part time course, and have been desperately trying to find a venue to pilot this in Leicester, thanks to Unite community this is likely to start mid April ; we’re also investigating how we could offer the same as an on-line course. The course will be free for anyone willing to then, pass on the skills by supporting others through the trials of assessment or other similar stressful situations.

Like everything else, in this greedy age we currently live in, we’re unable to source funding for this Social Enterprise; despite the fact we’re contacted almost daily by disabled people struggling to get through. Therefore we’ve decided to take a chance on you.

From this post we’re looking for similar minded people who are willing to help us make the on-line option a reality. Are you brave enough to commit to meet with me on-line for three hours a week (day to be confirmed) and trial our course;  unfortunately this will have to be on & via email and there is currently no accreditation for this due to the cost. Having a proven pilot completed will give us the data and evidence we need to submit funding applications, potentially allowing us to gain accreditation and buy the suitable website to make this a reality.

If you are share our belief that we disable/vulnerable can help ourselves deal with the stress of ATOS/CAPITA etc. by passing on skills; and are seriously interested in either joining us at Unite. or to work with me on-line, please respond to either to this post or via our website by Friday 1 February.

I’m looking forward to all your replies 🙂 xx

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    • Ring Atos and tell them you want the assessment recording, they have to try and do this if you request it in time. There have been many many instances of the Atos written report being full of errors, omissions, assumptions and downright lies! Make sure you take someone with you and into the assessment as well. Atos ask what seem like very strange questions, but they are getting information from you with every one, and assuming an awful lot as well! For example they asked me what I fed my cat, I replied “cat food”, they then asked if it was tinned or sachets! This was supposed to determine my manual dexterity, as in the report it said I could use a tin opener. They never bothered to ask if the cans were ring pull, if I used an electric tin opener or whether someone else opened the tins for me! Do not just answer yes or no, expand you answers and make sure you tell them how your illness and/or disability affects you on a day to day basis. Do not just tell them how you manage on a “good day” tell them about the “bad days” as well. If you struggle or have pain doing things tell them!

      Ring the DWP after your assessment and tell them you want a copy of the ESA85 medical report prepared by Atos, they have to send one to you if you ask. Once you receive it check it for accuracy, if there are errors this will help you if you need to appeal.

      Just remember ALL the time you are at the assessment everything you do and say is used to build a “picture” of how they “believe” your illness/disability affects your ability to do things. They even ask how you got to the assessment centre and make assumptions depending upon your answers: If you used public transport they will know the length of the journey and assume you were seated the whole journey with no difficulty. They will also know how far away the bus stop is, so they will assume you can walk so many metres without difficulty – you MUST tell them if things were painful etc because they do not ask!

      Good luck


      • thank god there is someone else that recognises the problems that arise from atos….all that you write is totally correct, my experience is that parts of a report were fabricated in order to justify the dwp decision . thankfully I am in a position to prove my claim….if you would like details of my claim, I will be happy to explain……terry.


  2. Reblogged on Britain Isnt Eating and this will be something i’d like to help with so contact me nearer the time please.I remember the of being called in for Atos and its something that should not be put upon vulnerable people.


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    Calling tech-heads everywhere! Your help is needed! Here’s a worthy cause – if you can help out it will not only provide much-needed help to people across the UK but it will also raise your own profile. Get in touch if you can help out.


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  6. I am very interested in doing the online pilot……..I was due for reassessment on an appeal and I sent them the forms to say I wanted to attend with the C.A.B. they have just re assessed me without informing me that they were going to do it and failed me againi think this just proves that they must have something to hide.


  7. hi there i was wondering why people are filling out the atos forms as you do not have to , ive been down this route for my nephew who is mentally ill , and i still got him his money , i refused their invite with atos and only dealt with the DWP , ill help all the best karon


  8. Although able bodied (whatever that means) I would be happy to do the course and help where I can. As a retired person this could soon be me. Keep the faith.


  9. Something I’d be really interested in Jayne, I already attend tribunals with people and currently investigating the possibiliy of setting up a new benefits advice service in Northern Centre for Cancer Care and MSU @ Freeman hospital.


  10. Hi Jayne

    I really wish you well with this. Getting to Leicester on a regular basis would be too much for me but I’m willing to get involved online.

    I have ME and suffer from chronic fatigue etc. I got through the conversion to ESA a year ago and was put straight onto support list with only a cursory medical (aged 63 and unlikely to be able to work again probably helped). I face the change from DLA to PIP this Summer with the almost inevitable loss of my Motability car and equally inevitable confinement to house. Whatever I can learn to help make the difference in my PIP application will be really useful. Of course I would like to help others as well and agree that we should all work together to defeat these iniquitous new laws. I am computer-literate.

    All the best David (Parton) Mansfield


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    A great idea put forward by Jayne Linney to help people through assessments and meetings for ESA/DLA. She is offering on-line training to pass on skills to support those facing daunting & stressful assessments. A potentially invaluable project to those that need help.


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