Recap on The Just World Fallacy

This is a comment left by Florence on The Just World Fallacy post – I fell it needs distribution 


So, let’s recap.
1. Policies to discriminate, demonise, and in some cases kill disabled and chronically ill – tick
2. Policies to limit freedom to campaign before elections – tick
3. Use of mass psychology to bend society to normalise acts of aggression or intimidation against minority groups and the vulnerable – tick
4. Changing the language to mean something else for political control of the people – tick
5. Bringing in laws that make “being thought to be about to cause a nuisance” criminalised – tick
6. Bringing in laws that mean assemblies of two people can be subject to a banning order by private security guards and police – tick
7. Making criticism of the government a criminal offence (see 5 above) – tick
8. Giving untrained staff the right to declare someone an enemy of the state ATOS, DWP, workfare providers and sanctions – tick
9 Making being unemployed or disabled a crime against the state, leading to destitution – tick
10. Then they came for the rest of us …………..

These are all policies of totalitarian states – Nazis, Stalin, Maoism, East Germany
These are all policies that our government have deployed against us.
What next –

1.Paying children to shop their parents for activities in the home, like criticising he government? The Stasi made that one an art form.
2. Not doing government prescribed activities at home (such as job search)
3. Paying neighbours to report others activities that fall under any of the above
3. Gulags, forced labour camp, imprisonment of political opponents
5..Giving political favourites in industry slave labour – oh…..tick…..that should be on the above list

Really good piece, really chilling. If we don’t get out & start complaining, demonstrating, or even civil disobedience, forming a real opposition, providing proof that these are not the will of the people, we will never get the boot off the back of our necks.


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  2. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    In a follow-up to the post on the abuse of psychology by the Tories to manipulate and control the minds of the poor, the unemployed and the disabled so that they accept their maltreatment by the government as something they deserve, Jayne Linney’s repost of Florence’s comment demonstrates just how much of the totalitarian mindset and policies the Tory party now share. You could even add IDS goose-stepping into the Work and Pensions Committee meeting with his armed guards. as for getting children to report their parents, well, there’s certainly a precedent for that. During Reagan’s presidency, he and his wife praised one American schoolkid for reporting his parents to the cops for having cannabis. Left-wing commenters at the time stated that this was exactly the kind of behaviour the totalitarian states demanded of their citizens. They attacked Reagan for his hypocrisy in praising it in an American child, while condemning the same attitudes in China and elsewhere, which saw children denouncing their parents to the secret police. Well, Thatcher and Major decided we had to follow Reagan’s War on Drugs, despite opposition, including from many in the Tories, who thought it was counterproductive. I’ve no doubt that if he thought he could get away, Cameron would introduce it. It just needs a threat big enough.


  3. Instead of all this fantasy scare-mongering, I find it highly significant that there is not a mention of the new Marriage Act – something the government actually HAS done and how it is undermining THE most stabilising factor in a civilised society. We already see the detrimental results of a generation growing up where increasing numbers have not had the benefit of a stable family upbringing with a mother and father, as the number of single-parent families has risen. In this respect the Government seem to be blindly leading – driving – us to a state where stable traditional families will become the minority. If that is allowed to happen, many of our future citizens who will have grown up without the family benefits that (thankfully still) most of us have enjoyed, will be the ones eventually leading this country. THEN a site such as this may well find they have something to write and complain about.


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  6. Has anyone else noticed that DWP Junior Minister Esther McVey is beginning to resemble a certain character in a well-known children’s fairytale, cackling and snarling at those who oppose the government’s welfare reforms? Rumours that she will soon be handing out poisoned apples to welfare recipients so that they will no longer be a burden on the state are being strongly denied.

    Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 13:21:20 +0000 To:


  7. II
    It is worth noting that one of the providers which was awarded a contract by the Department of Work and Pensions under the Work Programme, the Shaw Trust, issued a booklet for jobseekers with the title ‘Feel the freedom that a job can provide’ which is uncomfortably close to the National Socialist Work Program slogan ‘arbeit macht frei’ (‘work gives you freedom’).

    Sadly, the lessons from history are too soon forgotten


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