To point a finger or a gun?

Another view of the issue with IDS and armed guards at Portcullis House, written by my partner and carer

When I was in the armed forces We were told that our loaded weapons should always be pointing towards the ground and we should never to point a loaded weapon  at anyone who was unarmed unless we thought our lives were in danger. So what do the armed Police with in this building think they are trying to prove, is it protection of a Ministers or is it intimidation?

To point a finger or a gun?.

16 thoughts on “To point a finger or a gun?

  1. Pointing a finger is aggressive and nasty, let alone a gun. Perhaps he thinks someone’s going to assassinate him which, in itself, suggests he knows full well what his policies are doing. Diddums. As if we’d waste a bullet.


  2. Jayne – my MP – Annette Brooke (LibDem) has replied to a recent letter I wrote to her about my concerns about the “Mandatory requirement to request consideration of revision before appeal” regarding WCA’s. She wrote to Mike Penning, got a reply and copied it to me which, of course, was only generic. He ended by writing;
    “I recognise there is a concern that former ESA claimants will be either turned away from claiming, be automatically disallowed because they will simply feel unable to sign anything which suggests they are able to look for work, or be entitled but become a soft target for sanctions. With careful handling by advisors, and this will be done, none of these outcomes need occur. I am confident that the new process will achieve its goals, and enable disputes to be resolved sooner.”

    I believe every word of course!
    Anyway – my MP has given me the opportunity to feed her a list of questions to be put towards Mike Penning as part of her meeting with him in the New Year. Are there any specific ones you’d like me to include that you may have yourself?


    • Oh Lisa where to start, I’d like to know why why there is NO time limit for mandatory reconsideration of ESA and WHEN there will be one as this would resolve many of the issues he refers to in your letter.

      I’d a;so like to know why only 50% of PIP claimants have been successful so far – “PIP stats for new claimants will be released tomorrow. So far, 30,000 new claimants have been through PIP, and 15,000 claims were turned down, 1 in 7 claimants were denied PIP denial rate is at 50 per cent –

      I could go on for ever – please keep i touch with the outcome of the meeting and well done for getting your MP to take some action xxx


    • Yes I have one.. WHY is the house of commons allowing IDS to continue his religious crusade against the sick and disabled? ALL MPS are culpable in this, because no one is taking a stand, not Liebour and especially not the lap dog prostitutes Lie Downs. I have NO faith in any MP or political process whilst they sit in a house and allow this unabated attack on societies most vulnerable. So I want to know WHY its still happening and why no one is taking a stand. Oh and why ATOS havent been sacked yet. That is all.


      • Hello Moondancer, it is such a shame to see the Tory plan to disenfranchise you is working so well. If you take a look at the Parliament website and type in any of these subjects you will find that plenty of people are shouting from the rooftops. Unfortunatly our media has been silenced so they are not a good source for info. What I am trying to say is that it is not all hopeless and there are some very caring people who are doing their best under very poor circumstances, do not give up hope.


  3. In the light of the Judges ruling that the ESA/WCA process is discriminatory against people with mental health problems ISN’T IT ABOUT TIME disabled people and their families and friends wrote to Iain Duncan Smith demanding their assessment be revoked. These assessments have proved to be a violation of our human rights. We should all demand compensation for past wrong doings and demand a cessation of the assessments until something more worthwhile is put in place. Imagine 6 million letters jamming up the DWP postal service? Imagine the public outcry? Where are the lawyers when you need them?


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