Your chance to #haveyoursayIDS

As you know from yesterdays blog we are going to meet with Liz Kendal and Kate Green on the 18th of November to submit our Petition about IDS & the DWP’s misuse of statistics, and asking the Work and Pensions Select Committee to hold Ian Duncan Smith to account for this and how it paints a dark and inaccurate picture of those on benefits, especially those on DLA and ESA.

As well as inviting those of you who signed our petition all 104,696 of us to attend the submission; we would like you to make a comment about how this misuse of Stats by the DWP has affected you, whether that’s emotionally, physically or if you have been a victim of hate crime associated with the media attacks fuelled by these Lies.

If you would like to make a comment please use the same email as before – and we will print out as many as we can, to bring with us to the hand over…

Lets tell the committee how we feel about what is happening… Please keep it clean, we don’t want to edit, we want it to be in your own words but we don’t want to lose the sympathy of the committee by being abusive…

Without all of you this campaign wouldn’t be going anywhere, it’s your voices that are important to us…

Jayne and Debbie xxx

18 thoughts on “Your chance to #haveyoursayIDS

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  2. The loss of my DLA, which had previously been proven and well evidenced, has meant that I now have a lack of access to heathcare and that my personal care needs are no longer met. I consider this to be, at the very least, and infringement of my human rights.


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  4. I have worked all my life and have contributed all my life…. I got to sick with lung disese to carry on working aged 55. I have had to claim esa and dla…… duncan smith has made me feel like a scrounger and not worthy of claiming this money…. it makes me feel ashamed and the stress of claiming and its sanctions such as atos has left me anxious and highly stressed to the point my health is getting worse. Stress causes my lungs to tighten more and I cant breathe…… I feel its disgusting the way sick and disabled people are being portrayed by duncan smith his lies to parlament are a disgrace and he is not worthy to hold such a high position in government. I can no longer work what he fails to mention when they talk of strivers is that if you get sick or disabled then you will be punished, starved, put through hell and be labled a scrounger…. somebody needs to stop this nasty man in his tracks and he needs to be accountable for his misleading conduct to parlament. He is not above the law


  5. my husband and i are both disabled and are just waiting to be called up by atos,my husband has crohns disease and 8 hernias on his stomach,he is not going to get better. he is on fentanyl patches every day and takes oramorph, i myself have psoriatic athritis and use a mobility scooter to get around,we are worried sick that our dla will stop, husband has said that if atos stop it he will go back to work even though it could kill him.this goverment has no idea what disabled people are going through.


  6. I worked from the age of 16 despite being physically disabled. I paid my way, paid my taxes until I got to 55, the last 23 yrs working for the NHS. Despite feeling I am a good citizen, I feel afraid to tell people I am on ESA.. I am afraid I will be looked at with contempt. I tell people I am retired as my physical disabilities have aged me over the years due to pain and surgery so I let them think I am older. I am in the support group for 3 years, well 2 left now. I dread it when I see a brown envelope come through the door. Terrible way to live, walking a tightrope, terrified of falling off.


  7. Oh am not sure, there are so many possibilities aren’t there! Then there’s moderating language, it’d probably take a while to sit down calmly and think of writing something like that. Best of luck with it! great idea


  8. If lying Was An Inherited Disease ‘Congenital’ He Certainly Inherited All The Worst Symptoms, His Temper Quite Often Lets Him Down When Challenged Over Statistics That Have Clearly Been Manipulated Or Partially Correct, On Several Occasions He Has Made Statements Included Statistics That Were Clearly Inaccurate Then When Discovered Withdrawn Those Statistic But Never Publicly Withdrawn They Are Publicly Aired purposely To Elicit Public Support For Welfare Cuts And Unjustifiable Cuts, Conditionality And Sanctions, A Potentially Unachievable Claimant Commitment Particularly Amidst Austerity Like No Other Since The 1920s He Is Inflicting On Unemployed Sick And Disabled People, The Worst Is He Appears To Enjoy His Sadistic Welfare Reform Policy More Like An Inquisition He Sits In Judgment Like An Inquisitor With The Torture Tools Atos WCA More Akin To Ducking Stools, Guilty Regardless If How You Plead Or Dead.


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