Our Petition goes to Parliament at LAST

At last we finally have a date to submit our petition for the Work & Select Committee to hold IDS to Account for his persistent misuse of statistics; on Monday 18th November @ 2pm we are meeting with both Liz Kendall – Shadow Secretary for Care and older people and Kate Green – Shadow spokesperson for Disabled people at Parliament.

From there Liz will  place the petition in the Petition Bag (which hangs on the back of the Speaker’s Chair), and after presentation The Votes and Proceedings publication will record:

  • The petition’s subject matter.
  • Description of the petitioners.
  • that the petition was presented formally.

The full text of the petition will then be printed in Hansard. A copy of the petition will be sent to the DWP who are expected to offer observations which will also then be printed in Hansard.

This process guarantees we will receive a response which should be that IDS is attending the Select Committee on December 9th and there he will be challenged on his untruths.

If anyone wishes to join us in submitting our petition please let us know by commenting below before Monday 11 November.

47 thoughts on “Our Petition goes to Parliament at LAST

  1. Well done, I wish I could but I’m going on the MMM and that is all I can afford this month. As it is I’ve had to scrimp on meal to afford it, but it is such an important event I’m going , no matter how much pain I’m in.


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  4. Reblogged on http://jaypots.wordpress.com/
    I truly hope that a lot of others can be there for the handover of the petition. I can’t go due to my disabilities and the fact that I can’t afford it as I’m in Scotland.
    I also hope that IDS is taken to task, he should really be sacked as if anyone else did what he has done in their workplace they would be immediately dismissed!


  5. Same as others, I live on the edge of the UK (West Wales), disabled, can’t travel, but I will be with you in heart & mind. We are all so grateful for you to have achieved so far, and I hope if you need us we can be there to help in whatever way we can in future.


  6. The current government are laws unto themselves. I doubt the the delusional IDS will appear before any committee let alone give honest cogent answers to any questions; most likely he will fudge his answers or simply lie about the facts. IDS seems to be functionally innumerate. Personally I blame the University of Perugia for omitting mathematics from the syllabus of the degree he read for at that ancient institution when in Italy… Oh! Whoops! Hang on a minute!


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  8. Disability forbids me and of course that stuff called money,
    I know not believe that everyone who has signed this petition knows IDS has lied time & time again, I believe I’m right has no basis in fact or in Law, he should be dismissed from the houses of parliament immediately.


  9. I would love to be able to go, but due to my disability Chronic Osteoarthritis which worsens each season, I can’t manage the travelling. Good luck to all that do go, our hearts & thoughts are with you.


  10. Many congrats. It will be interesting to see if IDS turns up to be held to account – his script writers will be very busy dreaming up his latest excuses for misleading the country. I would love to be with you for this historic event but, like many others, disability and poverty makes sure I can’t travel. Now, all we need to do is to get other very important petitions to the magic 100,000 figure such as Pat’s petition. Perhaps, all the people who signed this could be encouraged to sign that one too?


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  13. Well done! I really hope he can’t get out of this one. He seems to be able to do what he likes and gets away with it. The vile cretin that he is. I would love to go, but sorry I suffer from Fibromyalgia and in a lot of pain. I would love to see this cretin sacked.


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