Dear Kate Green – Where do Disabled People fit in Labour’s ‘Tough on Welfare’?

Dear Kate Green MP

You wrote in on Oct 18 you’d spent a week ” at home with a bad back, unable to make it into Parliament“, you then talk at length about the ineffectivenesses of ATOS and how the Labour Party needs ” to think about whether we can we develop an assessment process that looks at people’s real lives, at what they would really need to be able to do to hold down a job, and what support they’d need to do it.

I’d like to ask you to now consider those people who live with your ‘bad back’ every day of their lives; those of us who struggle through with a disability that causes sickening  pain, so bad we can’t sleep, move, or even think, What are Labours plans for us? We’ll never be able to hold down a job when it takes an hour to write a short, simple email because of pain, or confusion from lack of sleep. We are people who live in fear of a brown envelop, for fear it’s another ATOS appointment or another form from the DWP; where do we fit in Labour’s Welfare Policy?

It is all very well and good for you & your senior Minister Rachel Reeves to ‘think’ about Welfare Reform, and how you might make it work around supporting people into work; but in order for Labour to be a truly One Nation Party, you must recognise their are a proportion of us who will never (in my case ever again) be in employment.

I and thousands of others like me do exist and whilst we may not contribute via PAYE we have a role in Society; we are parents, grandparents, children, volunteers, bloggers  etc and are worth far more than to be ignored aside from the vicious media campaign of Scrounging Parasitical individuals who’s only aim is to bleed the Country dry.

You were incapacitated for one week, I hope this has given you a small understanding of our lives.

In anticipation of your thoughts


33 thoughts on “Dear Kate Green – Where do Disabled People fit in Labour’s ‘Tough on Welfare’?

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    There are around two and a half million people claiming ESA in the UK at the moment, plus a certain number claiming DLA (but not ESA) (I suspect). That’s easily enough people to swing a general election in any party’s favour.
    So the question arises: Who will they support? Not the Tories, surely – nor do the Liberal Democrats seem likely choices. But can they support Labour? This letter sets out to clarify whether a One Nation Labour government will give anything back to disabled people who give that party their vote.


  2. Universal Credit in its current form will remove any equivalent Disability Component from the Tax-Credit system. This will have a huge adverse affect on thousands of people working over 16 hours, but who are unable to work a full working week due to their condition. Many of those affected will be forced onto full-time benefits as a result. Will Labour commit to keeping this component or equivalent under Universal Credit? Assuming Labour does continue with the reform towards UC?


  3. I worked for nigh on forty five years in construction driving massive earthmovers and i had a stroke on my earthmover and am on early retirement at 63.I have a wife who has got Progressive M.S and suffers very bad every day every night.We are on DLA and looking at losing our motability vehicle which is the only thing that lets us live independantly. How does Labour intend to look after such as us.I am not and have never been a scrounger and worked 05:00 to 20:00 for as i said 45 years so you can imagine my body is wrecked by being bounced around rocks in quarrys and building motorways.I have more than paid my way and now i need help all i am getting is kicked in the teeth.I sincerely hope Labour are still going to be the party that looks after those that need it.


  4. good point,but surely anything is better than 5 more years from this lot. can you imagine the carnage it would bring. no nhs, no benefits, very little pensions, homeless sleeping in shop doorways in every town, more money for the rich, less for the poor. labour arent perfect,but they are compared to these merciless,callous evil bastards.


  5. Agree with Mike. A whole week off work because of a bad back, and I bet she didn’t even lose her money for the week!
    There are so many who want a job, to be able to get out of the house, to earn decent money and be able to keep themselves without being looked at as a scrounger. These people are called “The Unemployed” who, not for lack of trying, can’t get a job because there ARE NONE! If they, who are able bodied can’t get a job, then I’m damned sure that there are no jobs for the disabled and long term sick.
    We are the ones that are being targeted with the biggest cuts. We live our lives in pain, through hazes of morphine, through lack of sleep, through worries about our health and how it is going downhill, to fear about each brown envelope to being the most victimised by this coalition.
    WE need to know that Labour will help us instead of carrying on persecuting us. WE need to know that Labour will reinstate some of the benefits that have been taken from us. WE need to know that Labour actually see US as HUMAN beings who need extra help which is NOT because we do not want to work, and not down to a “personal choice”. WE need people in a party that will stand by us and for us and if you can’t do that, then WE can lose you the election!


    • None of the political parties will ever truly understand the problems someone with a disability suffers on an hourly basis until one of them is clever enough to have one of their ‘front benchers’ with a disability. The nearest was ever David Blunkett – he had no sight but as far as I know was pain free. Until that time ALL the parties will only pay lip service to any one with a disability.


  6. I would just like to clarify here that you are valuable for all the reasons you give but they are not why you are valuable. You are valuable because you are human. These politicians seem to be losing that perspective and they need reminding.


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  8. Hope you don’t mind Jayne but i copied and pasted your email to Kate Green, and a couple of others while i was at it.

    Regards Robert Fillies


  9. This is yet another example of the fact that the biggest problem faced by chronically sick & disabled people is the fact that those responsible for policy, consultation and the many claimed experts are almost all invariably ‘able-bodied’.
    Whilst this very disturbing piece – see link below – will tell this Labour MP all she needs to know, someone needs to point out to her that the introduction of the ‘fit note’ and the limiting of them to 1 month has meant that the GP service is in a state of collapse, with very ill people unable to make appointments to see a doctor, and that Labour need to be much more dogmatic in their active support of chronically sick & disabled people if they hope to ever regain power.


  10. Rather than waste money assessing disabled people’s ability to work why don’t they just cut to the chase and use some old hospitals to gas us all to death in – labour, tory is doesn’t matter the relief will still be the same – we would be bombing any other country that is socially cleansing its population!!


    • You are not the only one feeling that way Jeremy. There is a growing realisation that UK politics is disintegrating. But knowing what can be done about it seems the biggest problem. At least… at least more and more people are talking about this and doing stuff and sharing views. ‘Unconditional Basic Income’ seems like something worth supporting to me and possibly the ‘None of the Above’ vote movement too.


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