Oh Dear Rachel Reeves – You Got it Badly Wrong!!

So the new Labour Shadow Minister for Work & Pensions, Ms Rachel Reeves MP, turned to the Observer for her first interview in her new role; and in 822 words she managed to infuriate countless people!

There are already two excellent blogs outlining just what was wrong with Ms Reeves announcement of Labours approach to Welfare – ‘Dear Rachel Reeves‘ from Paul Bernal & ‘Sort out the tax dodgers‘ from Vox Political, and I encourage you to read both if you haven’t already; their excellent respective arguments focus on challenging the message & the content of the interview & I agree with both.

For me though the last paragraph of the interview was a direct quote – “I think it is right that those people who are in work do not feel that those who aren’t in work are getting something that they couldn’t dream of getting” and it is this that I want to challenge. I and others have spent the past year + fighting to get the truth about welfare into the public domain and it is this and other challenges that have led to IDS stating his words are true because he ‘Believes them‘; well this belief is not good enough, particularly when official statistics and real life examples prove it to be completely Wrong.

For the Shadow Minister for Work & Pension to start her new role stating she “thinks” that employed peoples “feelings” are being hurt is fine; but not when this ‘Thought’ will define Policy, Policies which will then continue to create homelessness, immoral benefit sanctions and death.

Labour Policies, as should all such papers, be determined according to fact.fact borne out be genuine research & statistics and reflecting real life needs.

If you agree with this I urge you to contact Rachel Reeves MP via

email rachel.reeves.mp@parliament.uk;

Twitter @RachelReevesMP

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rachelreeves10

or telephone 020 7219 7097 asking for the office of  Rachel Reeves MP

and tell her WHY it is WRONG to plan Labour Policy according to Tory Policy

32 thoughts on “Oh Dear Rachel Reeves – You Got it Badly Wrong!!

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Jayne Linney hits one of the points I neglected to mention in my own post, and hits it squarely on the head. It ISN’T good enough for Labour to frame its policy based on the FEELINGS of people who have jobs. Those feelings are themselves based on evidence-less claims by Tories. Labour should be basing its policy on FACT.
    And the facts disagree with Ms Reeves.


  2. ”I think it is right that those people who are in work do not feel that those who aren’t in work are getting something that they couldn’t dream of getting” If this is not more divide and rule I don’t know what is. What of my meagre posseisions would they ‘dream of getting’ anyhow ? Unless the dream is to suffer enormous pain for 20 years at the behest of a spinal cord tumour, and the post operative complications which included 4 bouts of meningitis, two further admissions of c-difficile, and one of MRSA, which left me paraplegic and with double incontinence, necrotic pressure sores and type 2 diabetes through being unable to be active. Whoever dreams of getting that just to be blessed with a pittance of ESA, and the revolving door of re-assesments just to prove I’m still not dead is welcome to it.


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  4. My feelings are not hurt. I’m downright angry at her for being so patronising and at her thinking that being single and unemployed means I get ANYTHING that working people can’t have. Apart from abject poverty, threat of homelessness from being completely unable to pay BedTax or starve/freeze in any attempt to comply and of course abused as a so called scrounger.

    At 55 years old I’m enraged that any chance I and others had to work has been sent overseas to make an even faster buck for big business while we are left to fight for a lottery of openings in call centres, care homes or the bloody service industry.

    Not that she’d know anything about that being a banking economist. We’re not just numbers on an accounts spreadsheet or the result of social research, which the DWP seems to paying a fair few companies to carry out these days.


  5. Tell a lie long enough and often enough and eventually even your opponents will believe it! With thanks to Joseph Goebbels.Full quote here …AGAIN..(“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”)


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  7. We’re in work- well hubby is, I am a Carer- yet we also claim some benefits. I am not sure this Government or Shadow cabinet even know we exist! There are two categories- people in work (and not on benefits) and people out of work (on benefits). Sometimes I feel I will go down screeching ‘Helloooo! we exist too!!!!!!!!!!!!!’.


  8. Lets ALL EMAIL her and tell her exactly what we think and if she thinks that the millions of unemployed and their families will not punish Labour at the ballot box if they persue the vile policies of IDS then she is badly mistaken.mWe have all had enough and do not need someone who thinks those earning 60 thou a year are not rich .Lets All tell her…


  9. you may not believe this but there are currently people around the blogosphere who want to give ‘Our Rachel’ a chance – having only been in the job a couple of days ……. I’m not one of them


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