Tory Lord Promoting Sham Employment??

Are the Tories so desperate to kill off those of us the DWP begrudgingly has been forced to concede are ‘Unfit for work’, ‘Unlikely to work in the near future’ & therefore are in the ‘Support Group’ for ESA; by tempting us to sign up to something that could technically put us in breach of our benefit ?

I’m one of the fortunate who successfully fought to be placed in the Support Group, so imagine my amazement when today I received a Direct Message on Twitter from a Conservative Lord –

Direct messages › with Sir Peter Bottomley



Curiosity overcoming me I clinked the link to find Sir Peter was personally recommending I pay to work from home?!

Indignant I decided to take a look at this ‘opportunity’; it seems I’m being invited to pay to participate in a scheme that actually guarantees me Nothing in return.

By becoming a member I would be agreeing to “For a limited time only, the cost of this product is $97.00 ( usual price $299.95 ) and every 32 days thereafter you will be billed the member’s only price of $9.95 for the monthly use.”  I suppose this seems a small amount to “basically make $6,000-$8,000 a month online”; and yet once I read the Earnings Disclaimer I noted “We cannot guarantee your future results and predict your future success. There are some unknown risks in as with any new business venture that COULD AFFECT YOUR RESULTS“. What a Surprise!

I suppose to a Conservative Lord and MP $97.00 is nothing but £60.68 is more than half I receive to keep 2 people, fed, housed, clothed and alive for a week; and this is with NO guarantee of a return. Further if I did elect to risk this money, surely I’m deciding I’m ‘Fit’ for work and therefore am no longer entitled to ESA??

I want to know, Why would a Member of Parliament be actively promoting a scheme to lose money & Why would a Lord of the Land be suggesting I put myself at risk of either losing my benefit or committing benefit fraud?

I thought I’d ask Sir Peter the question above, but apparently I wasn’t allowed to reply because he doesn’t follow me on Twitter; so I  tweeted “@PBottomleyMP Why are you sending direct messages to links for bogus employment?

Having little faith in getting a reply I also emailed him- Yesterday I received a Direct Message from you on Twitter…The link is a self employment working at home opportunity that requires me to pay $99.00 upfront to be guaranteed Zero return. Why are you promoting such?

I imagine I will receive many excuses and apologies for what will be called ‘an error’ and I’ll update any replies I do receive but, for me the real question is Someone physically used Sir Peter’s Twitter account to send this message and I want to know who is was and why they think sending bogus employment opportunities to people in severe poverty is a good idea??


15 thoughts on “Tory Lord Promoting Sham Employment??

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    It seems the Tories are now trying to seduce sick and disabled people into breaking the rules under which they receive their benefits, by trying to get them involved in what looks like a very dodgy ‘work from home’ “opportunity”. Not only this, but the scheme requires payment for participation and guarantees no income in return.
    Why are people in the support group for ESA being targeted with this rubbish by a Conservative Lord?


  2. Just looks to me like his Twitter account has been hacked. Happens all the time. I got a DM from one of my followers today with a similar link. He’s never tweeted from that account so he probably never uses it.


  3. His account will have been hacked and used by a spammer, it’s happened enough to my Son. No malice other than not performing good network security to allow his password to be snooped or keylogged (which in itself is a sign of lack of technical clue)


  4. Sir Peter Bottomley is not a Lord. He is a Knight (hence the “Sir”) and his wife actually is a member of the house of Lords, but he is a Member of Parliament, not a “Lord of the Land”


  5. to incriminate themselves and leave a trail which would allow the govt to deny them further “Handouts” – its another evil tory plan just like IDS and the bedroom Tax


  6. How odd,I received the same message in my email,but from somebody on facebook last week. I promptly reported it as my friends account had been hacked. Makes you wonder though,doesn’t it?


  7. When you looked at the page in question, did it say lots of money was earned by a woman local to your area? Did it specify the area? It did for me, got it bang on when I looked at it. This is just spam, I doubt it’s got anything whatsoever to do with anyone you’ve ever heard of in politics except possibly Grant Shappes, who we know has related form 🙂 Just block the account on Twitter and forgedaboudit.


  8. I had one too, local woman makes fortune working from home, link sent via twitter from a friend, told him his account had been hacked…only went through on phone, when i looked using my computer, it was blocked as a spy/ phising site by my intrusion software :/


  9. This is the account for an MP! If it was hacked I sincerely hope he doesn’t use the same passwords for his parliamentary business and does not have any link accounts fpor other things. It is possible to use Twitter to access FB and from there you can get to your Credit card Details and Paypal accounts.
    The people in in power have no clue about technology and their ignorance shows.


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