Tory Lord Promoting Sham Employment??

Are the Tories so desperate to kill off those of us the DWP begrudgingly has been forced to concede are ‘Unfit for work’, ‘Unlikely to work in the near future’ & therefore are in the ‘Support Group’ for ESA; by tempting us to sign up to something that could technically put us in breach of our benefit ?

I’m one of the fortunate who successfully fought to be placed in the Support Group, so imagine my amazement when today I received a Direct Message on Twitter from a Conservative Lord –

Direct messages › with Sir Peter Bottomley



Curiosity overcoming me I clinked the link to find Sir Peter was personally recommending I pay to work from home?!

Indignant I decided to take a look at this ‘opportunity’; it seems I’m being invited to pay to participate in a scheme that actually guarantees me Nothing in return.

By becoming a member I would be agreeing to “For a limited time only, the cost of this product is $97.00 ( usual price $299.95 ) and every 32 days thereafter you will be billed the member’s only price of $9.95 for the monthly use.”  I suppose this seems a small amount to “basically make $6,000-$8,000 a month online”; and yet once I read the Earnings Disclaimer I noted “We cannot guarantee your future results and predict your future success. There are some unknown risks in as with any new business venture that COULD AFFECT YOUR RESULTS“. What a Surprise!

I suppose to a Conservative Lord and MP $97.00 is nothing but £60.68 is more than half I receive to keep 2 people, fed, housed, clothed and alive for a week; and this is with NO guarantee of a return. Further if I did elect to risk this money, surely I’m deciding I’m ‘Fit’ for work and therefore am no longer entitled to ESA??

I want to know, Why would a Member of Parliament be actively promoting a scheme to lose money & Why would a Lord of the Land be suggesting I put myself at risk of either losing my benefit or committing benefit fraud?

I thought I’d ask Sir Peter the question above, but apparently I wasn’t allowed to reply because he doesn’t follow me on Twitter; so I  tweeted “@PBottomleyMP Why are you sending direct messages to links for bogus employment?

Having little faith in getting a reply I also emailed him- Yesterday I received a Direct Message from you on Twitter…The link is a self employment working at home opportunity that requires me to pay $99.00 upfront to be guaranteed Zero return. Why are you promoting such?

I imagine I will receive many excuses and apologies for what will be called ‘an error’ and I’ll update any replies I do receive but, for me the real question is Someone physically used Sir Peter’s Twitter account to send this message and I want to know who is was and why they think sending bogus employment opportunities to people in severe poverty is a good idea??

Yet more DWP illegality – the DWP is built on Lies

Anyone who reads my blogs will be fully aware of the petition to hold IDS accountable for his Lies; Debbie Sayers & I are currently seeking a new date to formally submit this to Parliament.

This blog Yet more DWP illegality. from the excellent Skwawkbox, demonstrates how such Lies & Untruths seem to form the backbone of the DWP…

I’m tempted to call the DWP a maverick department. But that would be inaccurate. A maverick disregards the opinion and conventions of his/her peers, but the banditry of the DWP is entirely in line with the malevolence of the rest of the government toward any whom it considers lacking, or simply vulnerable to attack.

Through the Fog of Pain

Through the Fog of Pain I struggle and toil

to establish recognition so Parliament see

though disabled sick or jobless we still

despite no PAYE; contribute to life,

Through dread and paranoia of the latest media tales

calling names & blaming us, for National decline;

I strive to write & tell how 2 lifestyles collided

and from which, one fragile identity wails for an ear.

Through the Darkness of Depression with muses of expiration

and temptations of potential peace I battle to prevail,

exposing and opposing the injustice of ‘Welfare Reform’,

via social networks, the only arena to avail itself to immobility.

Through deteriorating health incapacitated by Fatigue I persevere,

challenging the Policies built on duplicity and deceit,

not daring to hope yet, aspiring for enhancement

to the fictitious feats, of the current regime.

Through ever rising costs of existence I strain to endure,

in stubbornness and refusal to subjugate to the crass, self entitled

and shallow Politicians who closeted in the palace of Westminster,

scribe laws to refute our Rights, deny our sustenance and determine our Fate.

Through Anger & Outrage, I contest these discriminate Acts

whilst grieving the loss of so many others, deemed expendable

by the unelected; my fury at the atrocities, refuelling and sustaining

the essential energy to continue this legitimate rectitude for continuance.

Why is the Labour Party in bed with a RIGHT-wing thinktank?

Would anybody from Labour care to explain why the Party is in bed with organisations that have decimated the provision of social security,contributed to the deaths of many thousands of ill or disabled individuals, and that intend to con many more thousands of workers out of hard-earned and desperately needed cash in the future, with their inappropriate health insurance policies?..

Read More at today’s Excellent Vox Political –  Why is the Labour Party in bed with a RIGHT-wing thinktank?.

PLEASE Share/Tweet this as widely as possible particularly if you have access to a Labour MP!!

The Poorest in Society are Doomed to Fail under The Coalition Government?

I always start the day by reading the online papers and this morning the Huff Post ran with a blinder ” England’s Poorest Children Start School in Nappies, Unable to Speak or Recognise own name..” ; this particularly resonated as my 3 year granddaughter started school last week.

My immediate reaction was shock and my mind rolled back 35 years to my first adult job. with pre schoolers; I found myself scanning all the children I worked with in my 6 years of work in this field, and found I had known a good few of them to whom this shocking headline could apply to.

I then turned my thoughts to the parents of those children and realised they ALL came from families struggling with a multitude of difficulties. Our response as staff In those days, was to ensure the parents had access to all the support they needed; this regularly meant linking the up with a benefits advisor, Home Start or similar, and the relevant officer from the Pre School section of Social Services, we would all then work together with the family to address the problems, Usually this approach worked and the children went on to develop and grow, often catching up and surpassing their peers by Junior school.

The biggest difference is today, in 2013, this support network isn’t there, the benefit advisors have been made redundant or moved, projects like Home Start have been decimated by Cuts & the Pre School groups are only financially accessible for a fortunate few.

It is this lack of non threatening, non judgemental help & support that particularly worries me; for the children who need extra attention and input, their families who also need the same, but also for the future of our Country.

I accept that many readers will probably be thinking it’s a parents job to teach a child the basics, potty train her/him etc , and whilst in regular circumstances I agree, it’s vitally  important to acknowledge the real difficulties people experience when they’re faced with a genuine struggle to survive,

It was recognised in 1943 by Abraham Maslow  in his Hierarchy of Needs theory  that when people don’t have access to their basic needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep. they cannot focus on anything else. Maslow’s theory has been criticised, challenged and adapted by many other scientists and business gurus but, they all agree that without our basic needs we do not fully function.

Similarly it is well established that when people are truly hungry, they are unable to think about anything other than food, and given we know that Food Banks are rising expedientially, is it really surprising that young children for the poorest families aren’t being taught to read?

I believe this is only the top of the iceberg, and as the real grassroot effects of 3 years of economic austerity continue to emerge into wider public conciousness, we will witness similar and countless other associated Societal problems, directly linked to the decimation of Social Security under the guise of the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

Given this, without intervention the poorest sections of Society,  without a financial safety net, without access to recourse, without a network of support, have little hope. We know Poverty drains our intelligence, it disables us from nurturing our young, it prevents us from functioning as human beings and working together for a better future.

Therefore, unless those of us who still can challenge and fight, begin to do precisely what those deprived of basic needs can’t; come together, share our intelligence, support each other and lobby and work with those in Parliament who CAN make a difference, surely The poorest in Society are Doomed to Fail under The Coalition Government?