HELP NEEDED – Stats Watch

Hi folks we need your help,

Over what’s left of the summer and while we wait for October to roll around and the Work and Pensions Select Committee to give us a date to see them quiz IDS.

We have a project to do.

We need to collect together as many examples of DWP ministers misusing, twisting or completely making up statistics as we can find.  We would like to forward a report on said ministerial behaviour before the committee meet the secretary of state. Giving them a chance to look through it before meeting him…

How can you help

We already have some notable  fellow seekers of the statistical truth on board to help make a report worth reading and we want to be sure we have it all… knowing that we are just two fairly unwell people it makes sense for us, to work together to find what evidence we can, to get this report in on time and covering all the bases.

We would like you to send us anything you get either direct from MPs or on line that you think would be of interest. Be aware we might receive lots of copies of articles from newspapers so if you see us sharing them on line it’s likely we already have them :)

If you have anything for us please send it to




19 thoughts on “HELP NEEDED – Stats Watch

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  3. IDS needs to be very careful because at the next election he may be out of office and should that happen he could then be prosecuted by one of the many deceased families on why their family member died at the hands of the DWP/ATOS

    Now as many hundreds have died and some may even say thousands IDS will at some point have to face a court of law

    Now IDS thinks that by staying in power he can avoid a court of law ? maybe for the time being he can but with the sick and disabled still dying as a result of the welfare reform bill IDS needs to watch out because at some point in the future he will have to answer for these negligent deaths in a court of law

    He has said that these people who have died were going to die anyway as they were ill but the question is did IDS and his welfare reform policy expedite their death ? Did IDS know what he was doing ? or was their a fatal error by others in the DWP/ATOS where they failed to see the warning signs as the death toll rose ?

    Or did the DWP/ATOS just turn a blind eye thinking no one would know anyhow what was happening as it’s all being done in secret and in reality no one will be any the wiser that with the press and the bbc not being interested we could pull it off and kill off the sick and disabled and just blame them for not providing their evidence in the correct manner

    At the end of the day only a judge will be able to look through the vast amounts of evidence which has killed many hundreds of sick and disabled and to bring all those guilty to face justice

    with the overall death rate so high running in to thousands of people it will take many years for a judge to say who died from natural causes on the transfer from IB to ESA and whose death was expedited speeded up through excessive stress placed upon them causing their hearts to fail along with those with mental illness to commit suicide


  4. A big thank you to you all Mike & Co for all your sustained hard work. Really appreciate it. It helps give me and my family hope for justice to be done.


  5. One that does not get mentioned a lot is their claim that most esa appeals are won because the claimants provides new evidence at the appeal. This is just not true, appeal judges only give a reason in about 65% of cases. Most of these are due to oral evidence given by the claimant, it does not say NEW oral evidence. This must be because tribunal judges are much better at asking relevant questions to obtain the necessary info to make a fair and balanced decision. Therefore if the information was there for the taking at the Atos assessment, but the HCP did not ask the right questions, it is NOT new info.

    Also a lot of decisions are overturned using more or less the same information that the Atos HSP and DWP decision maker had. I read that only 8% of decisions are overturned because of new written evidence being presented at appeal (DWP statistics)

    I am sick and tired of hearing the DWP ministers saying that most appeals are won because of new information being presented at the appeal.


  6. The single most annoying thing about the constant lies is that we have no idea who is Spokesman Said. All government departments are chock full of placemen from private business and DWP has non-civil servants making statements on behalf of ministers rather than on behalf of the department.

    How can we tell whether it is political spin, private enterprise sales chatter or just inaccurate information? Journalists must be encouraged to discover just who is saying what from which angle, otherwise it is all lies.


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