HELP NEEDED – Stats Watch

Hi folks we need your help,

Over what’s left of the summer and while we wait for October to roll around and the Work and Pensions Select Committee to give us a date to see them quiz IDS.

We have a project to do.

We need to collect together as many examples of DWP ministers misusing, twisting or completely making up statistics as we can find.  We would like to forward a report on said ministerial behaviour before the committee meet the secretary of state. Giving them a chance to look through it before meeting him…

How can you help

We already have some notable  fellow seekers of the statistical truth on board to help make a report worth reading and we want to be sure we have it all… knowing that we are just two fairly unwell people it makes sense for us, to work together to find what evidence we can, to get this report in on time and covering all the bases.

We would like you to send us anything you get either direct from MPs or on line that you think would be of interest. Be aware we might receive lots of copies of articles from newspapers so if you see us sharing them on line it’s likely we already have them :)

If you have anything for us please send it to



Over a year later, govt STILL hiding Leveson coaching and costs

MORE TORY LIES, this time from the Cabinet Office –

“Over a year ago, the CO withheld the information about preparation for testimony on the basis that it would be published once the first phase of the inquiry was completed – which more than 8 months ago…Whatever the details, this information must be deeply incriminating indeed for the Cabinet Office to go to such lengths of deceit, dissembling and evasion to – not to mention breaking the law about Freedom of Information requests – to keep it out of the public view”

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