DWP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’

Have you been disturbed by the DWP using fake psychometric testing on people claiming Job Seekers Allowance?

If like me you find the saga distressing and disturbing read this –WP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’. another blinder from Swawkbox

Just when will this Government stop Lying to us and treating unemployed people and other benefits claimants as if we’re the one’s repeatedly telling untruths???

7 thoughts on “DWP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’

  1. The “expert” who came to assess my disabled friend and after just 25 minutes of poorly understood (his English was poor), narrow spectrum and irrelevant questions decided to over rule the medical report from her doctor of 20 years privy to all the consultants reports decided that she only required the low rate element of the care element of DLA makes me look like an expert in quantum physics. It was a whitewash given she was on the High Rate element following the doctors report just last March. She has a chronic progressive illness, a fact seemingly and conveniently overlooked by the DWP. Scandalous. I was a Tory voter and now very much regret such a poor lapse of judgement. I would vote for a family of chimpanzees before them again.


      • Solidarity amongst bloggers is another great way of getting the messages out to an even wider network & for me at least, that is the purpose of writing?

        Enjoyed your post, hope you keep going x


      • Likewise Jayne. Never imagined I would blog, but in the circumstances I refuse to stand by idly. I admire your determination, and it was reading this blog that I decided that it was a great additional tool for expressing my concern at the injustice. I acknowledge that this piece was about JSA, but its the whole shooting match that is flawed and is causing much suffering. My blog should have been named; “Chris’s world inspired by Jayne!” Thank you


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