IDS goes to W&P Select – better late than never?!

After last week’s post where we confirmed IDS WOULD be attending  the W&P Select on Sept 4;  we now have yet a further update!!

Sheila Gilmore MP yesterday wrote

“I am afraid that IDS is now NOT coming to the meeting on September 4.  This was always going to be a session on the Department’s annual report as well as the statistics and apparently the Annual Report is not ready. A new date is being sought but this is now unlikely to be before October, which is extremely disappointing”

Clearly this is NOT what we want but there’s nothing we can do except continue with our plans to formally submit our petition to Parliament; actual date to follow; this is disappointing to say the least but it makes our petition all the more relevant as it reads –  “Work & Pensions Committee: Hold IDS to account for his use of statistics“.

Entering 100,492+ signatures into the Commons should help the members of the W&P Select ensure that IDS DOES attend in Oct & that he IS held to account. So we ask you all to continue to work with and share, Tweet ,talk about the petition and let’s do everything we can to make sure IDS DOES is made to answer for his Untruths and to remind Parliament WE the People Deserve the TRUTH!

UPDATE – IDS WILL answer for misusing Stats

After some confusion about when the petition by myself  & Debbie Sayers will be submitted to Parliament; and maybe even more importantly if IDS will attend the Work & Pensions Select Committee – I’m really pleased to share an email I received from Dame Anne Begg chair of the Select today:

I can confirm that IDS will be appearing before the Work and Pensions Select Committee on Wednesday 4th September where he will be asked questions about the DWP’s Annual Report and the Department’s use of statistics.

Best wishes


I am thrilled to confirm that our petition with it’s current 100,433 supporters will be formally submitted into Parliament by Liz Kendall MP, after she receives it outside the Palace of Westminster on September 4 2013.

Many Thanks to all of You who signed, shared, tweeted & pushed for this & let’s hope Mr ID Smith is thoroughly held to account

A Call for Impact Assessment on Disabled people to be debated by Parliament

It seems that every day there’s a new call to action, another petition to sign, a blog to RT, and so on; & I’m sure I’m not alone in having to make conscious decisions, often at an hourly rate about which new campaign to endorse.

Well for this one I’m making NO excuses, on Wednesday 10 July Labour is using Opposition Day to “debate the changes they have made that affect disabled people, and at about 16:00 we will force a vote to demand a Cumulative Impact Assessment by October  2013 at the latest

YES, at last the tireless work of Pat’s Petition, WOW, Spartacus and many many others has finally been recognised, but…this alone is not enough!

Between now & then we can all help make sure this debate is not lost; so please everyone

  • Write to your MP and ask them to back the motion
  • Write to your local paper and explain why we urgently need a cumulative impact assessment
  • Tweet your support using #MakeRightsReality

& do everything we can to make sure this vital motion is carried -“That this House believes that the Government should publish a cumulative impact assessment of the changes made by this Government that affect disabled people (to be published by October 2013).”

DWP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’

Have you been disturbed by the DWP using fake psychometric testing on people claiming Job Seekers Allowance?

If like me you find the saga distressing and disturbing read this –WP: fake psych ‘test’ training given by unqualified ‘experts’. another blinder from Swawkbox

Just when will this Government stop Lying to us and treating unemployed people and other benefits claimants as if we’re the one’s repeatedly telling untruths???

A Tory Success? – Real Poverty in the UK 2013!

I like most people I know was stunned by the latest revelation to come out of the mouth of Lord Fraud (Freud), denying any links between the scathing Cuts of Welfare Reform & the meteorological rise in the use of Foodbanks.

My thoughts & feelings on this vile man and his opinions, seemingly shared by the whole Tory Party are brilliantly described in this blog by Skwawkbox, Freud: Foodbank dunce – or devil?.

And if you still aren’t convinced by the argument there always Tesco’s own survey which finds “18% of people in the UK have suffered from some form of food poverty, including skipping meals” posted in the latest  Tom Pride blog aptly named “Third-World Britain” 

What terrifies me is attitudes and behaviour such as this by Freud have become commonplace; and the people forced to experience this debasement seem to have become literally petrified.

I can only hope that another favourite blogger is correct as she asserts people “in mercifully growing numbers, rail loudly in physical and etheric throngs, against all manner of Common and localised injustices” ; I so hope you’re as spot on as usual Juli.