What do YOU think about the Reply to Esther McVey’s


Yes it has arrived, 8 weeks after being posted we have a response to our open letter to Esther Mcvey, if you recall we demonstrated how the ‘Facts’ she had used to justify the closure of DLA were in reality not True.

Then on June 19th we suggested you to write to your MP and ask them to query with Ms McVey why she had failed to reply to the 866 people who signed the open letter; today Debbie received the following

“Dear Ms

Thank you for your correspondence regarding your Open Letter to Esther McVey MP. Government Ministers receive a large volume of correspondence and they are unable to reply personally on every occasion. I have been asked to respond and I apologies for the delay.

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 paves the way you’re a radical welfare reform programme designed to tackle entrenched poverty and end intergenerational worklessness. These reforms are urgently needed.

The Government has made it clear that employment and personal responsibility are fundamentally important in reducing poverty and is committed to ensuring the most vulnerable in society are helped to fulfil their potential while also ensuring that those who can work are also helped to do so. This is its clear policy objective.

The Department for Work and Pension releases a large amount of National and official statistics via its website, across all areas of its policy responsibilities, which can be accessed by anyone outside the Department. It is because of this open approach that politicians, academics, the media and wider public, are readily able to debate and interpret performance.

Yours sincerely

Head of the Correspondence Team”

As you’ll see there is NO response to any of our questions, and personally I don’t believe this is good enough ?

If you agree, please get back in touch with your MP and tell them WHY you’re unsatisfied and also asking just HOW is this a reply to our letter. 

Alternatively watch this space, as they’ll be another template letter coming soon to help.

I believe it is time our Politicians treated us with the Respect we deserve as adults and  remembered that we, as the Electorate, deserve the Truth about all matters of Government.

But only Together can we demand this and put Stop The Lies