Dear Esther Mcvey – We’d like a reply please

Dear Esther McVey

We are very disappointed to find ourselves having to write once again to you after sending you our Open Letter on the 9th of May 2013, which was signed by over 800 disabled people, family and friends.

We find it astonishing that over a month later we have yet to receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the open letter let alone a reply. Are the opinions of over 800 disabled people, so unvalued by the minister for disabled peopled, that you think it is acceptable to fail to even acknowledge receipt of a letter from them?

You continue to use statistics that have been widely condemned by fellow Mps, Unions and even the Clergy. Once again we ask that you refrain from twisting the statistics about DLA and make some effort to re build confidence in both your department, and government statistics that have become devalued by your department consistent misuse.

When our ministers cannot be trusted to tell the truth about benefits that affect so many vulnerable people and the public at large can no longer trust the statistics that drive reforms, it becomes vital that ministers do everything in their power to rebuild the trust of the public.

If they fail to do so, it becomes incumbent on the systems set in place, to ensure that ministers adhere to the rules placed upon them. And we will endeavour to ensure that process takes place.

Thank You Once Again for Your Time

Jayne Linney and Debbie Sayers


18 thoughts on “Dear Esther Mcvey – We’d like a reply please

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  2. I am still baffled how Ms McVey can claim that DLA is an outdated benefit and that PIP reflects a modern understanding of disability. If you look at the increase in claimant numbers since the start of the coalition (from the DWP’s own tabulation tool) only 7% of the increase is down to the working age group who will be put on PIP, while the under 16’s (18% of the increase) and the 65+ age group (74% of the increase) are being left on a supposedly outdated benefit.
    Nearly 40% of all current DLA claimants are being left on this supposed out of date benefit while the rest are “lucky” enough to go through the PIP assessment.
    It is wrong to discriminate on the grounds of age (which PIP clearly does) and access to disability benefits should be based on medical need and associated extra costs only. The fact that it is not is proof that government policy is purely about cutting numbers to save money and the least that Ms McVey should do is come clean about that rather than trying to justify the policy with misleading statistics (eg her repeated claim that more money will be spent on DLA/PIP in 2015 than in 2009, while conveniently forgeting to mention that nearly all those who will lose their entitlement will do so after 2015!).


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