100,000 Signatures!!!

This morning at 9.32 Ali Afshar Dodson signed & tipped the figures to the magic 100,000. This is momentous News, we already know that IDS IS being called in to the Work & Pensions Select Committee answer for persistent misuse of statistics; so the goal has been met.

Thousands of people left comments stating their reason for signing was they expect MPs upon election to behave according to the Code of Conduct – with Integrity & Honesty; this proves we were correct to do this. This petition will be formally submitted to Parliament on September 4 2013, the same day as IDS attends the Select Committee, and hopefully will serve as reminder to ALL MPs they are subjected to Scrutiny by the People; and we WILL be watching.

Another very common reason for signing was the fact that IDS as minister for the DWP has failed to ensure that Welfare Reform does not Discriminate against Sick & Disabled People; as a group we are subjected to more of the Cuts than any other and this is in breach of  both Equality Legislation & our Human Rights. To this end I ask all of you who have signed, tweeted, shared & discussed this petition to do the same for the War on Welfare, WOW Campaign http://wowpetition.com and sign at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/43154 offering your support to this campaign