Is Lying Contagious?

Can’t help but wonder whether like chickenpox or measles Lying is contagious??

I know it’s a daft thing to say but given the swamping of untruths and misuse of statistics from IDS, McVain, Hoban & Co we now have Mr Grant ‘Janus’ Shapps joining in!

He recently claimed “that nearly one million people on incapacity benefit (IB) had dropped their claims rather than face medical checks“; and yet  “official figures showed that just 19,700 IB recipients withdrew their claims before facing work capability assessments as part of the transfer to the new employment and support allowance (ESA) between March 2011 and May 2012“, according to the UK Statistics Authority chairman Andrew Dilnot (i)

For me this raise a question: just what is the Conservative Chairman, who’s role is to bolster morale and to show the Tories as being a Political Party worthy of your vote; doing by making false claims so easily rebutted, surely such actions only further demonstrate the Tory Party are anything but honest?

I guess many of you can possibly say you already knew this but I can’t help but ponder on the reasons for this behaviour; is it because they truly believe they’re ‘untouchable’? Patrick O Flynn in The Telegraph today explored this in a super article demonstrating how almost all MPs in the Cabinet hold very safe seats (ii) and he speculates how this may be a reason why “the Government seemed more concerned with arming so-called “rebels” in Syria than in tackling the living standards crisis facing the British people”.

I recognise this might play a factor in their apparent lack of consideration towards the electorate, but as I previously suggested in The End Game might they realise that as a Party they’re unlikely be elected in two years; therefore the goal is to decimate as much of the State as possible?

Whatever the thinking of the Tories I remain committed to Fighting their persistent Lying and hopefully our petition  which only need 964 names as I write this, will go some way to making this happen.



A short post dedicated to Juli xx