Esther Mcvey Letter Arrives @ Parliament

Almost a month ago Debbie Sayers & I wrote a letter to Esther McVey disputing her use of statistics & offering a wide range of evidence which demonstrated just this.

866 people signed the letter and many left harrowing tales of suffering as a result of  ‘Welfare Reform’; which were then appended to the end of the signatures; the letter was posted yesterday by recorded delivery to arrive at Parliament today.

Aside from posting today @ 1pm we are also emailing the following Politicians, Ms McVey, IDS,, Shelia Gilmore – also campaigning about misusing stats, and Michael Meacher, John McDonnell Ann McGuire & Liz Kendall as they have been sympathetic & supportive of the campaign; Dame Anne Begg – chair of Work & Pensions Committee has already received a copy and indicated her support.

If you’re up for it why not email your own MP with a copy of the letter ? The more Politicians became aware the better chance we have of this working.

Most of you will also be aware of what occurred as a result of your letter, we set up the petition to hold IDS to account, as he is ultimately responsible for everything that’s comes out of the DWP; to date we have  over 52,000 signatures. and if you’ve not already signed, please do.

Well that’s the news on this up to date, we certainly had no idea what began out of frustration & fear would become but, we think it demonstrates when we all pull together we can achieve our goals.

Until the next update x


20 thoughts on “Esther Mcvey Letter Arrives @ Parliament

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  2. Thank you and all those who are doing this. I wish I could do more but I just don’t have the energy. I’ve been fighting the system on my own since becoming disabled, and just plain worn out, disgusted at how we’re viewed and treated. I may be weary, but won’t let this lot grind me down completely. Thanks Jayne


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  4. Yeah that’s what we are talking about – never mind rich power – it’s people power that rules! Well done Jayne without you and your tireless campaign disabled people wouldn’t have a voice – we now have one and that voice is you! All our love. Brandon xxx


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  6. Hi Jayne.
    You and Debbie have put so much into this, and I am pleased it will soon land Esther McVey’s desk, and the desks of her cronies. It will at least tell them the truth of the matter, I just wonder if they will put the record straight and issue a public apology to all of us (but I won’t hold my breath).


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  8. Hi! Jayne I will send to my MP but I doubt I will get a reply, sent numerous letters reg abuse of statistics and the only reply was to ask me for my address to prove I am a constituent but what can I expect he is a TORY grrrr! ….Keep up the good work Jayne xxx


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