Urgent help request re DWP fake test

This is a request for everyone to try for themselves the latest scam that our DWP have no doubt spent yet another small fortune on.

It is a computer click box exercise that allegedly identifies your “Signature Strengths”, however having taken this ‘test’ 6 times I can state it is nothing more than a random selector with your responses having NO bearing on the outcome.

So if you have a spent 20 minutes please try this for yourself – for more info read  this excellent post by SkyWalker – Urgent help request re DWP fake test and try it for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Urgent help request re DWP fake test

  1. I don’t understand. If you don’t tell them your e-mail address then how is the test useful to them? Also, the test read like it was worded by someone whose first language isn’t English. How is this test helpful to them in determining anything? It can’t be a scam if it doesn’t help the scamers achieve anything. I could write a better fake test than this.


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