What is the Tory’s REAL End Game?

Please Note:There are no references in this blog merely my personal musings.

Am I alone in wondering just WHAT the Tories are thinking of? They seem to be intent on self-destruction; their Economic & Welfare Policies are isolating more and more people on a daily basis, their destruction of the NHS is infuriating people, their Education Polices are causing academics to scream, and so on. Outside of the UK their approaches are being criticised by Europe & the USA also.

I like many others have regularly questioned the mind set of the Coalition Cabinet but seriously, just WHAT do they think they will achieve by their actions?

I can’t help wonder if this particular set of Millionaire Politicians have deliberately set out to destroy the post WWII improvements to the standard of living for most UK citizens, whilst  whilst feathering their own nests. Their rationale, to ensure they achieve their perception of the true Status Quo – The Ruling Classes return to their position of total authority and the rest of us exist merely to serve.

I really don’t see any other reason for a Government to commit what seems to be Political Suicide unless, it is to decimate the Welfare State and the last bastion of equality the NHS, and to return education to a situation where our children are taught their place??