Are the Tories suffering from Amnesia or are they Lying?

Yesterday Sue Marsh, in her superb Diary of a Benefit Scrounger blog, revealed what she called a Smoking Gun; it was a document produced by the Tories during their 2010 Election Campaign entitled, somewhat hilariously in hindsight, A CONTRACT FOR EQUALITIES.

It lays down the “Action” the Tories would take when elected into Government regarding gender, disability, LGBT, race and age; and makes for stomach churning reading, if only due to the sheer mendacity.

In this ‘CONTRACT’ they “Promise” various assurances including they will  …ensure that disabled people have the chance to succeed and to fully participate in society;  that …people who cannot work because of a disability or illness should never be forced to work, and will continue to receive unconditional support through the benefits system; we will … preserve Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance as cash benefits, which can be used to support family care and costs arising from their disability.

Three years later these “promises” have proved to be as worthless as all the other pre-election claims made by the Tories, which makes me wonder, was the whole Manifesto scribed mendaciously or are all Party members suffering from severe memory loss; ultimately the REAL question is just who are the frauds?


9 thoughts on “Are the Tories suffering from Amnesia or are they Lying?

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  3. They have no memory loss about the promises they made to their rich voting pensioners who are still taking free bus and rail travel, heating allowances, tv licences etc.while they sit in the house of lords getting free heating and subsidised food, yet are telling pensioners who are in homes because of ill health and no room in hospitals, that they have to sell their ex council houses to pay up to £75.000 per person in care costs, which eats up any of their children’s inheritance.
    such costs would be mere pocket money to the millionaire pensioners, again keeping the working classes poor and the wealthiest rich.


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