WOW – Support The Most Vulnerable?

The Labour Party has a website where any Party member can review comments and make submission to Policy for both the Party itself and, perhaps more importantly, to inform the Manifesto for the 2015 Election.

There are eight areas for Policy Commission and unfortunately within this NO reference to how Labour plans to manage the Economy to ensure adequate provision and support for chronically sick and disabled people.

To this end, in partnership with the people responsible for the WOW Petition  I have submitted the following to the Work & Business Policy section for consideration.

In 2015 Labour could inherit a Welfare State decimated by Cuts and legislation; whilst understanding it is not possible to immediately rebuild such it is imperative that Labour recognises and provides for this people unable to work through poor health and, or, disability.

Building on the “Making Rights a Reality” Paper published by the Shadow Work & Pensions Team, and the e-petiitions – “pat’s petition & WOW; supported by thousands of  people throughout the UK,we call upon the Labour Party to commit to :

An immediate  Cumulative Impact Assessment of all cuts and changes affecting sick & disabled people, their families and carers;

A free vote on repeal of the Welfare Reform Act.

An immediate end to the current Work Capability Assessment, as voted for by the British Medical Association, to be replaced by a fair assessment based upon individual need and not budgets

Consultation between the Depts of Health & Education to improve support into work for sick & disabled people,

An end to forced work under threat of sanctions for people on disability benefits.

An Independent, Committee-Based Inquiry into Welfare Reform, covering but not limited to: (1) Care home admission rises, daycare centres, access to education for people with learning difficulties, universal mental health treatments, Remploy closures; (2) DWP media links, the ATOS contract, IT implementation of Universal Credit; (3) Human rights abuses against disabled people, excess claimant deaths & the disregard of medical evidence in decision making by ATOS, DWP & the Tribunal Service.

A resumption of disability benefits to a recognised level, allowing for the extra costs incurred by recipients of such.

What can you do to support this?

Visit – search welfare disability, and comment on the Support The Most Vulnerable submission

Visit For the latest updates on WOW

Sign up to WOW Petition –

Share this as widely as possible

Thank You for giving a damn 


24 thoughts on “WOW – Support The Most Vulnerable?

  1. what would any sane, decent sincere person want to do with the abusers of the vulnerable?, seems there are many goldfish or maybe labour [ tories in red coats] masquerading. I have a hell of a lot of passion and anger what has happened under successive government to our elderly in care and residential homes for decades, and the brutality of labour [ conveniently not mentioned by “campaigners”] IN 2003 to almost 1m vulnerable elderly, sick & disabled, Sheltered Housing Residents the horrors exist to this day, residents being found dead days/weeks later, assessments a farce, life –saving equipment not being made available etc bed-blocking and elderly dumped outside their door, warden numbers dropping like a bomb, dementiaincreasing, an endless list, there are those who cling unto the last words of politicians, particularly in opposition, we werent gullible, maybe this blogger would like to give a long list of why anyone would want to waste their time, given labours brutal record, as architects of much and assassins to , they are no different from the vile condems, and as posh, privileged, careerist, elitist, self-serving millionaires too As politicians know todays newspaper is tomorrows chip paper, not with decent genuine people i know its not!.


    • Terry, I understand your anger BUT, I don’t have a time machine any more than you so to return to the past and correct all the wrongs.

      All I and anyone else can do is to try to influence and change the present and the future; and it is to this end that, I and others are striving to do just this.


  2. Thanks for your party political empty reply on behalf of one of the killers of the weakest parties. The years that old chesnut changing from “within” has been going yawn yawn. its like labour policies [ if any mug would trust them] blankety blank. here is a bit more, labour is bad for your health. , just like the other two tory parties.


  3. may i remind you jayne your nasty labour party told the people to pay the poll tax the people told them where to go, or will you be telling us the kudo,s go to labour? stop supporting the abusers of the vulnerable, vote for a credible alternative in local government elections etc, get groups or stand as an independent pro-vulnerable candidate, surely i dont have to tell you to get out of the box. ps my name is teddy, though you might be calling me something else lol


    • So sorry for getting your name wrong Teddy, and thanks for the positive response. I appreciate the fact you bother to comment even if we disagree on methods of trying to fight back against the oppression.

      Believe me I truly don’t think the Labour Party are blame free but, I do fell they have the best chance of winning 2015, aside from the current incumbents (shiver); so it’s my way of trying to make sure we get heard by the viable opposition.

      I think we may have to just agree to disagree on this topic x


  4. Gggrrrr 4th time of trying to leave a response
    I can completely understand people’s anger at what has been done to sick/elderly/disabled etc over the years but I would say there is little to be gained from looking backwards and even less from trying to bring those responsible to account. We have to look forward, talk to anyone who will talk to us, work with anyone that will work with us and keep shouting….bellowing from the rooftops what’s happening to us and how unjust it is. Putting labour in the picture, giving them details of what we want and working with them on how to get it is the right thing to do in my opinion, I would work with the devil if I thought it would help!


  5. jayne your not the only blogger on here who is NOT with the vulnerable, your with their enemies. you write “believe me i dont think the labour party are blame free” no, their up to their nasty necks in killing of the weakest just as are the condems, you can rant and rave about the nasty cuts, well why are labour doing their fellow tories works? Now give me a laugh tell me why labour will be better than the other two nasties, taking in their “illustrious” 13 year record, i do take it you know much of what the DWP is implementing came From Labour? Want a link? finally jayne i notice what i now realise is a labour WOW petition the “celebrities” got special attention and thank you,s, tell me why thank someone who has never condemned ATOS [ self-interest], has paid links with pharmaceutical companies that have damaged and created disabled peoples, i call anyone like that a charlatan, ps i,m very good at weeding them out.The only bed i,m sharing is with their victims.


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  9. Am non partisan myself, and a lefty, I do sympathise with some of the points made above, however Mr Mcnabb I felt you were a little bit unkind. Some people think they can create change within the “Labour” party. That is their hope. I don’t feel like I wish to take all that hope they have away from them. Jayne knows how I feel being a non partisan I think, from our Tweets in the past. Please consider your words to someone who is after all another ordinary person just like us. And I ask as someone sympathetic to some points you made.


    • maddsuspicions, i think it is not only unkind but down right deceptive of “sensitive” jayne and her sensitive” labour party to decieve vulnerable people, at no time was anyone aware of how we are being used as pawns for our abusers, in this labour wow petition. I thank you for your comment, i will stay in bed with the victims not the abusers, and that is where my “sensitivities” will lie, and part of it is not playing “Neighbours”.


      • I’m sorry, I don’t understand the “neighbours” comment? Or why you put sensitivites in quotes? I often don’t understand humans so please take this as a genuine question, it is


  10. I tried to register and comment but the site won’t accept my attempts to do so. Thanks for doing this. It’s much needed and I support it completely.


  11. jayne, maddsuspicions thinks i,m being unkind hence the “sensitive” as for the “neighbours” the oz programme where everyone is just goode friends, as this is a political blog , i wont be sycophantic, i speak my mind, it matters not to me who will be in power in 2015, it wont make a difference to any of us and if anyone hasnt worked that one out, they will if they get their “messiah” labour returned, then again they might not 13 years hasnt taught them anything…#alternative


    • OK Teddy, as I said earlier you speak your mind, and as I’ve left your comments up I think it shows I’m OK with this.

      However, your comments demonstrate you clearly do care about who’s in Government in 2015; your persistent personal attacks indicate you are very disillusioned as are many of us affected; but, doing nothing is collusive and that for me is far worse than doing nothing. And it for this reason myself and many others are working to try and get the best deal possible.


  12. Teddy. Jayne works extremely hard to make good things happen. Why you want to attack her is beyond me. WOWpetition is non-partisan and prepared to work with anyone who it feels can help with the cause. It is in no way associated with the Labour party. Please stop trolling people who are trying to make a difference.


  13. My question to teddy is, how did and will your vote swing? you say that the Tories and Labor are as bad as each other. Am I to assume that you spoil your ballot? Or are you just trying to justify to your self the feeling that you have been let down like the rest of us.? Jayne I think that these polices need to be supported in the hope that it doesn’t turn out to be empty promises. Thank you for sharing this blog.


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