Dear Ed Balls WorkFare doesn’t Work!

Dear Ed Balls MP

Following your announcement of Labour’s plan to tackle unemployment, I’m asking you to think!

I’m not an economist, a Politician, a journalist  & nor do I belong to any ‘thinktank’, I’m someone who has worked within and around various WorkFare schemes since the 80’s, and that I believe qualifies me an opinion.

The basic problem with most of these scheme was they were time limited Government subsidised projects with the real recipients being the Companies, who benefited from cheap labour. The ’employees’ generally only received basic pay and training for their role, little or no support once placed, and rarely anything more that enabled them to do something other than return to the Job Centre to sign on,  again, once their time is up.

I can see no difference with this and your plans other than Labour has this time adopted the Conservative ideology of Mandating attendance, thus buying into the toxic rhetoric that somehow it is the fault of the jobless people for being unemployed and not the responsibility of Government to create Jobs!

As a Labour member I am appalled that the Party has decided to perpetuate myth that unemployment is the problem of the unemployed; NO, it’s the problem of the Government and Labour would serve it’s members better by acting in opposition to the vile, immoral tactics of the Coalition, rather than merely repackaging Failing and Failed Policies.

So before you go ahead with this please ask yourself How does demonising Millions of People and depriving them of gainful employment fit into One Nation?

Yours without anticipation of a reply


13 thoughts on “Dear Ed Balls WorkFare doesn’t Work!

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  3. Looks as though Ed Balls is as keen as any politician to keep the discussion away from one of the country’s real problems, the billionaire tax-dodgers. For this, far more than anything else, he ought to be pulled up very sharp indeed. Instead, sadly, everyone’s joining in… 😦


  4. Labour’s front bench have never held a real job between them. All private school, university and into politics. You can’t learn about the real world sat around the kitchen table. The old Labour party leaders worked their way up from the workplace!!


  5. The Labour Party long ago ceased to have any pretensions to represent ordinary people. Quite simply, they are now the party of Champagne Socialist scumbags and foreigners.


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  7. I also have some experience around helping people to think about work, and I knew that Wokfare would go to the wrong organisations and they would be doing the wrong things. If you listen to what Ministers say though you will realise that it’s not about getting people into work (as they actually do know there aren’t the jobs), but about getting people ‘off benefit’.


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