Is IDS Sick or just Vile?

According to RT Yahoos Home Page a Minister’s Angry, clicking on the link leads to a Sky News Headline screaming “Benefits Rise ‘Almost Double Salary Increase” . So  Ian Duncan Smith is Angry, well guess what I’m fucking LIVID.

I’m sick to my stomach of reading these fictitious, bogus, claims from the ConDems about how the  the UK is in such a mess,and how this is actually the fault of Chronically Sick & Disabled, Jobless, Homeless, Low Paid, Single Mothers or generally Poor People!

Sky News declare  “Out-of-work benefits have increased in value by 20% since 2007, compared to a rise of 12% in private sector pay. Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said the increases had cost the taxpayer £6.3bn since the start of the recession in 2008.” I do not believe this for a moment and Labour figures show “JSA had risen by 32% since 2002/3 while average earnings rose 36% over that time.” However surely the argument here ought to be about the FACT that Salaries have been CUT since the Coalition took over; when people earn a living wage they pay Income Tax & NI accordingly and they also have money they Spend. This is basic Mathematics! For a good analysis of this take a look at

IDS also claimed this week in The Telegraph  “Tax Credit Payments rose by some 58% ahead of 2005 general election and in the two years prior to the 2010 election, spending increased by about 20%”. Yet Channel 4 Fact Check proved this increase was in reality only 8%,

If I had made such basic errors at work I would expected to be sacked, or at the very least given a warning, but no, IDS seems to have made a career from lying even down to the well covered blatant untruths on his CV; want to see more about this try,

These examples have been taken from the past 3 days, and anyone forced into claiming benefits, or who knows someone who does will be well aware of many many other times the IDS has attacked claimants with false statistics and rhetoric. All of which makes me wonder whether Mr Smith  is actually suffering from mythomania, a psychological condition which leads the person to distort reality, and which, in the majority of cases, is found in people with low self-esteem who seek attention from others” ? I really don’t like saying this it seems I’m making excuses for His behaviour, but, if He isn’t this means the Iain Duncan Smith is possibly one of the most vile beings I’ve ever known about!?

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17 thoughts on “Is IDS Sick or just Vile?

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  2. IDS is a monster – and he was a monster before he became mentally ill. As a carer, I’ve known quite a few people with MH problems, and there wasn’t one who didn’t know they were mentally ill. I assume, therefore, that IDS is intelligent and self-aware enough to know that he is, yet still he remains in office (refusing a move to Justice in the recent reshuffle), where he can continue to wilfully destroy lives, for no better reason than because he can. And, I’m quite sure, he gets off on doing so.

    Someone has just posted a tweet to me, claiming that IDS is ill and deserves compassion, not contempt.
    Sorry, but I can have nothing BUT contempt for a man so unutterably inhuman that he blithely savages people’s lives with all the conscience and compassion of a rabid dog.

    People blame Atos for the ESA clusterfuck – blame, rather, IDS, whose bidding they are doing. He is the problem, along with Cameron, for not removing him when he first lost his grip on reality but, then, Cameron is pretty much tarred with the same brush when it comes to pathological lying.


  3. the usual twisted insane hate spew then. yeah if i told lies and got all the figures wrong i would expect to get sacked or sent for re training. maybe these idiots need to be on the old flagship work programme?


  4. Only a moron would use percentages to compare increases/decreases in quantities that are vastly disparate. For exampple, a one percent increase in the maximum amount of Jobseeker’s Allowance is 300% LESS than the same increase calculated in respect to a full-time minimum wage job (35 hours a week). IDS is a fucking idiot. The real question is will the public fall for his lies? Or see through him? Hopefully the latter.


  5. How much of this “benefits explosion” he keeps trying to persuade Daily Mail readers to believe is actually pensions ?

    Also, following a period of depression, during which time a lot of people lost their jobs, how could he expect benefit payments to remain static ? – If he can’t work this one out without a government advisor, he isn’t able to do his job, and should be sacked for incompetence.


  6. “Narcissists resent weaknesses, resent vulnerabilities, and as a result they resent weak people, vulnerable people. Narcissists have an inbred aversion to children, the elderly, sick people, weak people, vulnerable people. Actually this provokes in the narcissists a sadistic impulse to inflict further pain, to exploit the vulnerability, to enhance the weakness, to prey upon it. Narcissists are predators, and wounded animals are the ideal prey.” -Sam Vaknin, author of “Narcissistic Self Love”
    Video here:


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