A Poem For Cameron (and all my Cyber Space Buddies)

I have a very clever daughter who shares my love the The Who so in tribute I copy her ‘version’ of Cousin Kevin (Tommy) for all my Cyber Space Friends: Cousin Camoron.  We’re on our own, Peasant, All alone, Peasant. Let’s think of a game to play Now the cripples have all gone away. You won’t be much fun Being thick, Chavey scum. But I’ve no-one to play with today. Do you know how to play like the Greek? To fuck me it would take more than the police, But battered and bare, You won’t go anywhere There’s a lot I can do to the meek. How would you feel if I Turned off the gas, Let housing go under, And started to laugh? What would you do if I shut you outside, Changed all the locks, And catch cold so you died? I’m the school bully! The classroom cheat. The nastiesy P.M You ever could meet. I’ll Shit in your cornflakes, Poison your meat…

8 thoughts on “A Poem For Cameron (and all my Cyber Space Buddies)

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