My Festive Greetings for 2012

I’ve never been one for making Christmas Wishes, nor for wishing ill to others, but my experiences through 2012, have changed that.

No I’ve not found a real fairy from the top of a Christmas Tree, nor have I transformed into a story book Hag, despite the menopause; what has happened has left me, and so many others, has altered my person ethos.

I’ve been pushed and shoved from pillar to post, been bullied and berated by low grade civil servants, scathed by the Media, and told by the very people responsible for this it’s MY FAULT! My Fault for becoming Chronically Sick, for developing debilitating illnesses that left me disabled!

I’ve spent my life working for the benefit of others, even as a child I was the pragmatist, the one other people would go to with problems, I been acting as a mediator  as long as I remember.  I’ve strived constantly over my 50 years for, what I now know is Equity, I loathe unfairness at any level, and I am a problem solver, not always the most popular kid (or adult) but the one even people who didn’t like or understand me, turned to. I’ve battled for years, usually successfully with the likes of the DWP, but never, not even under Thatchers Government have I witnesses such disdain, and injustice from Politicians and their Policies.

The constant fight to survive, is bad enough for anyone needing to access Welfare; but for those of us suffering with constant pain and illness it’s almost impossible. The struggle for existence has become too much for so many of us, with 73 disabled people dying each week through 2012.

And it these experiences that have led me to to this year, for the first time write a Christmas Wish List; please add this as you feel appropriate.

To EVERY disabled person, ALL of my Cyber Friends and MY Family  –  Resilience and Hope

To the Civil Servants @ DWP – A Loss of Sleep, How can you live with what you do?

To David Cameron, George Osborne & Iain D Smith – Botulism from your Greed, Alcohol poisoning from your Self-indulgence, and Panic Attacks from your Fears of the Revolution to come.

To the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet – A Visit from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future to remind you of Your Roots



8 thoughts on “My Festive Greetings for 2012

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  2. Oh Jayne I could have written every single word of that. I’m a bit older (nearly 60 but no, not nearly enough to get a state pension until I’m 66 and 10 months lol!). I do think for those of us who fought to enable others when we were younger and fitter, lived through an era when we still believed things would get better, to improve conditions for people, even, it’s true, to improve the world, who are now sick and disabled ourselves this has been a bitter and devastating experience. But out of this I have connected with some amazing people and I include you in that. True warriors to the bitter end. We may get swamped by despair sometimes but up we pop again, trying to keep perspective and trying to keep positive wherever we can….

    I wish nothing but the very best for all of us in 2013.

    In solidarity,



  3. ‘The constant fight to survive, is bad enough for anyone needing to access Welfare; but for those of us suffering with constant pain and illness it’s almost impossible.’ is so true Jayne… and many have given up on the fight and received no help. Your anger is completely justified and IMO would be shared by the overwhelming majority if they were privvy to the reality of obtaining benefits for disability or long term health problems. It is shocking.


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