From Overwhelmed to Clarity

I was catching up on blogs this morning and came across a question asked by the ever brilliant Tom Pride (i), who wondered whether we are so afraid of the rich, we fail to call them to account; then there was an excellent post by Jim Grundy in Think Left (ii) who wrote about responsibility and denial and the need for honesty and equality.

Both posts caused me to suddenly realise just how overwhelmed I feel; not only by an ever growing amount of evidence, that both demonstrates the appalling state of affairs we find ourselves in, thanks to the Government, and the apparent futility of the numerous campaigns against the majority of the current Government’s Policies.

There were several Comments on Tom’s blog and a much greater number of shares to Facebook & Twitter but interestingly, notwithstanding the 4 fellow bloggers covering the same topic, no one had responded to his question! After my immediate thoughts, that the  omission, indicated the response, I began to wonder why this was.

It was then I realised just how feel bombarded I feel with the escalation of evidence revealing the truly revolting nature of the rich & powerful; and that I had in reality become almost immune from further shock.

Further when this saturation of evidence is coupled with the real threats of potential homelessness, decreasing health, total poverty and worse that so many of us are faced with; I’ve become stupefied, and I don’t think I’m alone?

It was Jim’s post that offered me a light, a way to re-focus on what matters, we need a Leader, someone we can rally round; because I believe without such a Leader we have a Country whose people are felled into believing they are powerless; and this is just not true.

So this is what I’m going to do, I will continue to Lobby the Party Leader of my choice (and no prizes for guessing who that is), to raise awareness of the way I feel and where appropriate share the feelings of others. I’m most immediately affected by the Welfare Reform Act, so I’m refocussing on this; I can collect the evidence and ensure it does not get lost in this maelstrom and I can present this to support my argument  This is something I can do, I can take back my personal power and use it constructively; and in this way I also regain my personal value and can honestly answer Tom – No; I’m not going give in





13 thoughts on “From Overwhelmed to Clarity

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  2. thanks for that Jayne – a point of reason and sanity in the sea of confusion ,and i think, seeing through society’s tendency to train us to give our power to the “elite” or whatever.
    we tend to give them our power as our society is so tied to money.
    its that clarity we need to smash that inherited deference to the oligarchs which can only lead to our serfdom.
    and simply take back what we have allowed them to steal from us.
    like you my main fight is with the welfare “reforms” but the bigger picture is getting clearer.


  3. Hi Jayne, I think you make a very good point about becoming almost immune or desensitised from the shock of the damage inflicted. Perhaps it’s some sort of defence mechanism? Anyway, great post, all the best as always


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  5. One just has to go to social networlking sites to see how pathetic and subservient people are to the “Rich & Powerful” of “Their” Political Party. While the fawning over of Thieves & Fraudsters [ not expenses cheats] Paedo apologists, Tax-dodgers, those with Vested & Financial interests in this, that & everything etc continues, the status quo will remain. The pathetic sycophants who fawn over these Millionaire, Posh, Privileged, Careerist, Elitist, Self-Serving, Unrepresentative Turds are just as bad as them……..but a lot less well off.


  6. Great post Jayne – David Icke has been warning about all this for ten years but thanks to the BBC and ‘sir’ wogan he has been branded a nutter!


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