Socialism: old debates and new demands – A MUST READ

I came across the excellent post today considering the need for the Labour Party to to consider their position on Socialism in 2012.

The final paragraph summarises perfectly one of the most vital challenges I believe the Nation as well as Labour must consider URGENTLY :We are in crisis, and catastrophically, people are dying. 73 sick and disabled people die each week as a direct consequence of the welfare “reforms”. Many more will die once the full extent of the cuts are realised early next year. Labour have to RESPOND to, and reflect the needs of a population in the here and now. We need a party that has always championed our human rights and equality and one that will continue to do, with even more urgency in the context of our current crisis. Labour have shown historically that they do reflect the needs of the majority, and respond appropriately. That is precisely what democratically elected governments are meant to do.

Read the full article here: Socialism: old debates and new demands..

One thought on “Socialism: old debates and new demands – A MUST READ

  1. One just has to look at the very basics of life and family during the 13 years of Blue Labour [ now Dark Blue Labour ] Council Housing,a 46,000 council housing deficit when they got the electoral boot in 2010, Sheltered Housing in 2003 they removed the resident wardens, causing untold hell for almost a million viulnerable elderly, sick and disabled people, the legacy of that is felt to this day, it just doesnt get the press, bodies being discovered days weeks later, assessments a tick box exercise , dementia increased, bed blocking due to no carers the endless list of torment, Youth Unemployment rose to nearing a million, Brown helped push it higher, , over 50,s unemployment, well it was a case of who are they? child poverty it was more all mouth and not a great deal of substance in reaching their “target” , one could go on and on, the reality is E,ds Dark Blue Labour of Millionaires, Expenses cheats [ thieves and fraudsters for jack and jill public who go to court ] Posh, Privileged, Private School Elite,Careerist , Elitist, Self-Serving, Unrepresentative of their Constituents, out of touch, dont do Socialism that requires a Social Conscience which they like the other Two Tory Parties are Bereft of.


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