Ed Miliband’s office sends Reply

Some of you may remember that, back in August I wrote to Ed Miliband regarding his response to an open letter Sonia Poulton on behalf of a large number of disabled people, published in the Daily Mail on 2/8/21. My reply challenged a specific point raised by Mr Miliband “ It is also important to separate out ill health and disability from the decision not to work, which is taken by a distinct minority.”.(link to my letter below).

Today I received a reply from Mr Miliband office, and after an apology for the delay in response it reads:

“It is important that the benefits system  assesses applicants fairly, quickly and compassionately and it is clear the the Government need to fundamentally reform WCA and to reduce the bureaucracy of the current system.

We also believe that Atos Healthcare also have questions to answer about the effectiveness of the current assessment process

Mr Miliband and the Shadow Work & Pensions team will continue to press the Government  to adopt a fairer, more effective approach to welfare reform and to undertake a fast and fundamental review of WCA to ensure it supports disabled people back into work” signedR Davis

So once again, there’s no support for Chronically Sick and Disabled people UNABLE to work. Ed Miliband’s office appears unable to recognise there are many of us who are in a position whereby no amount of change to the assessment process, will help us without acknowledgement that we ARE NOT Scroungers, Fraudsters or Lazy.

I believe each of us must continue to challenge Politicians to recognise we exist;  to acknowledge we have  and continue to actually paid  £millions into the Treasury via taxes, employment and otherwise; and we must remind them that we all have the one single they need a VOTE and we will use it in 2015!

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