Born too Late! How does that make me a Scrounger?

An Open Letter to Iain Duncan Smith

Dear Mr Smith

On the Andrew Marr Show this morning you spoke of needing to protect Pensioners from Welfare Reform Cuts, which you justified by their lack scope and opportunity to earn and increase their Pensions. I agree with you on this point, however I fail to understand how when you offer empathy for their very situation, you refuse to apply the same to another group of people in often identical situations,  Chronically Sick & Disabled people?

I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s and was taught that you go to work and pay ‘your dues’, namely Tax and NI, you live within your means and try to save for a ‘rainy day; this is what I did for over 30 years.

And then I became ill, very ill with something that left me so totally fatigue, my employers, my GP, 3 Consultants , Occupational Health & my family, all worked hard over 3 years to support me arrive at the inevitable conclusion; I had become Disabled through my ill health and could no longer work. That was 3 years ago and since then I have been forced to claim Employment  &Support Allowance; and the changes and cuts you and your colleagues have made under the guise of Welfare Reform mean that I now struggle to survive.

Maybe in your world, where you have access to family money, have a well paid job and good health, you would think that having worked for so many years I had managed to save enough money to support myself but, in my world, despite working hard doing the a job you claim to be so valuable ‘Everyone should engage in it’; the savings I did have, after 30 years of paying my stamp in Community Service, were completed depleted within the first 12 months.

I can not comprehend how, you can claim to understand the difficulties people have when they no longer can add to their finances and yet you continue to claim that people claiming out of work benefits  are ‘Scroungers’.

I never thought that at fifty I’d be not only Chronically sick and Disabled, but be struggling to survive, forced to choose whether I heat my Housing Association Flat or I eat. This is my world Mr Smith, I’m unable to work therefore I also have no scope or opportunity to supplement my income through employment but  because I’m 16 years to young, you’re content to label me as scrounging. You talked about Fairness, well please tell me how is this fair?

34 thoughts on “Born too Late! How does that make me a Scrounger?

  1. If that’s how a 50 year-old gets treated, imagine how us ‘young’uns’ with chronic illness are perceived..
    I’m 28, been ill for 9 years now, out of which I haven’t been able to work for the past 2, and I’m only just getting the benefits I deserve after an extremely stressful and depressing fight against the system..
    Isn’t it enough that we’ve lost our youth, why make us feel like guilty liars because we need help to live?!


      • I’m with you on that 100%, your point was well made, the prejudice has to go!
        Just giving the extra point of view from us who were born waaay too late..


      • Jayne your story sounds just like mine, unless you’ve been there people just dont understand and fortunately, people in the government have never and will never have our problems because they are all millionaires.


    • it’s discrimination, surely!!! ‘cos you’re younger than IDS and his cronies “like” you have to fight for your benefits! it’s not fair that a 79 year old that’s worked all their life (for example) can claim their benefits just like that… but a 28 year old like you say, has to fight for their benefits even tho they have been working all their working life so far! this government say they strive for equality…. where’s the equality in that! i’m 13 and i care for my disabled mum and we dont know where we will be next year, next month or even next week. we are moving to a more suitable place for mum but all the stress of the filling in forms for the 3rd time and not just one short form but loads and wen we move there will be a huge one that last time took 4HOURS to do. all this doesnt help her fatigue at all, wen you say about making you feel like guilty liars,,, i totally agree ‘cos wen we moved to current home, mum rung the company up that sends the thick pink form out (cnt remember name) to ask why she has to fill it all in again, the said that “she could be moving in with someone.” when she said she wasn’t they said “well, we dont know that, do we!” the whole system is a messed up disgrace.


      • Sharon, thank you so much for commenting, what I find shocking is that at 13 you’re already only too aware of the injustice in the UK.

        Would you mind if I report your comments elsewhere, I think everyone should know what an amazing job you’re doing?

        Please let me know xx


      • Sharon, I really feel for you and your mum, and you are so brave to be helping her so much at such a young age!
        The govt forget it’s not just the disabled person themselves that suffer, but everyone around them.. 😦
        Big hugs!


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    • If Gordon Brown and the civil servants did not rob our small pension funds and also stopped us at the grand old age of 55 yrs old topping up a pension plan, we may be a little better off, instead we had to take out a stakeholder plan with the amount of top up we had hoped to save on the existing plan (only £10 per month in my case), and guess what I now get £28.00 a month minus tax = £24.00, and because I have the little private pensions I miss out on benefits that those who could not bother to save a little get for nothing. and we have the same weekly income, but I am minus benefits they get for nothing.


  3. I would never hope that someone gets a debilitating and ultimately life-threatening disease.
    But in IDS’s case, I make an exception. This streak of filth is simply not a human being. No union of egg and sperm ever produced something so despicably evil. I’ve no idea which vat of sewage he slid out of at dead of night, but I do wish he would return, for the good of humanity everywhere. He is less value than a maggot, and should be treated as such.


  4. The bugger is, because there are many who we see on the streets, well enough to get out the house but, seemingly, not “well” enough to work, those, like yourself, that are ill indoors, are forgotten.


  5. We all know the rhetoric that spews from the likes of Smith and the rest of the tory led plague of leeches. They are the real scroungers who will be out on their necks at the next election. They are the most necrotic plague of vermin ever to have infested westminster . The place will need fumigating on their departure.


  6. IDS may pretend to be empathic with pensioners at the moment but Lord Bitch-hard has already sowed a seed for making pensioners work in the future. They are softening them up. I am 53 and fear that the goal-posts will have moved, yet again, if I make it that far. They only pretend to care about pensioners because they make up a large part of the grey vote but the pensions costs them the most – nothing is sacred to these money-grabbing sociopaths


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  8. well said jayne – what even an incling of an idea these rich toffs who have never done a real days work in their lives have of how we sick and disabled have to live is beyond me – the simple fact is they don’t – they went from wet nurse to prep school ,to private school and university – never have they worked a 40 hour week on a building site – or come home from work only to be called out for 12 hours to protect their community by being a part time fire fighter – never have they risked their necks to save others – never have they or will they suffer the effects of hard graft – and the arthritis and other complaints WE have to suffer every day – and they call US scroungers ?? – POLITICO’S are the biggest FREELOADERS society HAS – i defy ANYONE to show me a politico who has left politics poorer than when they entered – and all on the backs of honest working folk who HAVE and DO pay their taxes – rates – VAT etc – who have never had a hand out from anyone – and have ,untill struck down with disability or long term sickness – hated the very IDEA of claiming any sort of benifits – but now some of us have to – we are branded “scrounger ” – “plebs ” – and a “burden on society ” – well sorry DAVE and co thats a f***ing insult to those of us who have NOT had it easy all our lives – WHY DONT YOU DAVID CAMERON MAN UP AND COME TALK TO THE REAL PEOPLE – WE WILL SET YOU RIGHT ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS YOUR YES MEN “EXPERTS ” WON’T – I AND MANY OTHERS HERE WOULD LOVE A FACE TO FACE WITH YOU AND IDS – BUT YOU HAVE NOT THE GONADS TO DO THAT HAVE YOU ?? – BECAUSE YOU LIKE ALL POLITCOS ARE AFRAID OF TRUTH !! – AND AFRIAD OF THE REAL PEOPLE OF THE UK -( as i hope the people of the uk will remember when its time to kick this lot out of power and condemn the quisling lib dems to histories dustbin .)


  9. and that is whot this man thinks of us anyone whose on benefits is a social srounger and that from a minister is not good enough as he shouldnt be in this job ,humanity he doesnt have and if he said he was christian i would not think he was his only god is money and this the tory ways of giving their mates it instead of those in need ,but no look to emma who awarded herself a lovely bonus of 8.6million and is now trying for more contracts of them another one with her snout in the till ,but torys look after the ill and disabled nah its the scrap heap for us or the drip in the arm ,its easier if they done that as then its over with but they only want your money and leave you to starve without food and a roof over ones head and if thats not good enough now if you got a extra room they tax you on it or move you out torys nah thay only want your money jeff3


  10. You know I may of just past 68, but my memory serves me from the past when MPs were giving warnings back in the early 1970s that the baby boomers will fall into the retirement system and unless preparation be taken now there will be problems. And What Do We Have Now for these boomers???


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