To Fight or Not to Fight – That is the Question?

Yesterday I saw a small post on FB -ATOSMiracles “Tonight one of the UK’s wonderful campaigners working hard for DPAC Cardiff had her home forced into by police just before midnight for ‘criminal’ acts against the dwp? All she’s done is highlight the deaths and criminal acts of the dwp and their henchmen, Atos. No charges have been brought against her – but this is clearly an act of intimidation. I personally stand beside her and I’m sure you’ll all wish to offer your support. xx”

Reading it affected me in 2 major ways – I am APPALLED that the Police acted in this way; If they had a reason to speak to her, they should have invited her to the Local Station, during the day, thereby allowing her access to representation should she want it.

Secondly, I had a similar experience 27 years ago, I remember as I was heavily pregnant with my daughter who had her birthday yesterday; I was dragged from behind a busy bar in the Pub I held the tenancy on, taken upstairs and behind Locked Doors was ‘questioned’ for over 4 hours re my alleged role in a PO robbery. Afterwards it transpired that my name was ‘known’ through my community activism, and at that time I’d only ever been involved in Anti Poll Tax activities!

Today I’m reading blogs like  AND and I’m thrilled.

For me it shows that when the Elite begin to fear that the People are becoming aware of what those in Power are planing and doing, the result every time  is Out Come the Bullies.

This Government has Lied, Cheated and Abused the People via their ‘Reforms’ but now as more of us become aware of the aims behind such Policies, and they become aware of our unrest; they know no other way but  resort to such tactics.

I truly feel we are now coming to the worst part of the campaign trail, and people must choose to either continue to fight and risk getting shot, or hide. I don’t condemn anyone either way but I now what I’m doing!

3 thoughts on “To Fight or Not to Fight – That is the Question?

  1. It seems that some coppers never learn: Hillsborough, Jimmy Saville, any other number of abuses and cover ups, and STILL they do the dirty shitty work for the Tory Party! You’re all going to burn when it all falls down, Boys!


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