The History of Lies, Fiction & Fairy Tales

Am I the only person to not be really shocked by the current bombardment of different scandals? We’ve had evidence of the Savile/paedophile ring; the ongoing Tax Evasion scams; the ‘untrue’ claims about the Country’s Deficit; the Internal auctioning off of the NHS, the destruction of Workers Rights – the list is endless.

Yet, each tine I read of another layer coming off an issue, more evidence being uncovered, more people speaking up, or indeed. another new set of examples as to how the Elite, revel in behaviour and attitudes most of us quiver at, I can’t help but feel slightly blasé.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not for a second condoning these actions, however as an amateur History lover, I find myself comparing the conduct of the accused to similar deeds taken by those in Power; Royalty, the Lords & Knights of the Realm in Medieval England,  the Senate of Ancient Rome, as examples.

Most of us have heard how the Roman Empire, and even the Pyramids were built on the back of workers with no rights, or in truth, Slaves. Stories of the local Squire ‘owning’ his people and how that translated into actions such as young girls being taken to His bed on her wedding night, consider she was probably 11/12. We know the tales of King John syphoning off Taxes to fund his personal lavish lifestyle, and his skirmishes with Robin Hood, even Disney recorded this. The fiction of healing women being condemned as witches and being murdered for it. In living history the Third Reich attempted to conquer the World based on a set of LIES.

Throughout time,  Sick & Disabled people, those who were Jobless, Women, Black People, Gay & Lesbian people; in fact anyone deemed ‘different; have being blamed for all wrong doings, have been persecuted and damned by fiction, created by the Ruling Classes. And every time truth about deviance and corruption by the Elite has arisen, another set of Lies and tales of Fiction are contrived to divert the anger of the rest of us.

Chatting with my ever wise, 82 years young, mum the other day, she felt she’d lived through the best 50 years ever, for working class people; she went so far to say she was pleased to be ‘on her way out’ rather than starting now. She actually fears for the future of her 2 great-grandchildren!

What I can not understand is WHY, when people in the Western World today grew up with tales of the Elite abusing the General Populace, yet have experienced relative freedom from that, are we content to bury our heads and think it cant’ happen again?  Wake Up People, the very Rights & Freedoms we experience today, the same Rights our parents & grandparents died for, are being torn away.

Are we prepared to return to the days of being the property of State, the times when different groups are deemed unworthy of the basic needs? You really don’t have even care about history to understand it has serious messages to tell.