My World of Depression

Don’t dwell on it, I’m told,

I’m sure it will all be alright; 

but they’re not living in my world.

The place I’m in doesn’t look like that,

my space is cold,dark and scarily familiar,

it has no hope, no light, no warmth;

but it does have a name – Depression.

And it has lots of residents, all like me

wandering around on auto-pilot

performing on cue.

So when you speak to me from the light,

don’t admonish me

for recognising my reality.

Accept where I am and wait, hope if you want

because when the walls of Depression fade;

I’ll come back.


2 thoughts on “My World of Depression

  1. Hi Jayne,

    Liked your poem, it did fully express the way I was till I eventually found an antidepressant that did something more than nothing or give me awful side effects.
    Hopefully some positive thoughts for you ,I got a letter yesterday confirming that my request for a reconsideration had been passed and I am now in the support group !
    It took about 8-9 weeks before I heard but with your ATOS report and any further medical evidence that suggests you are not likely to work again you may have a very good chance.
    Unfortunately as your job centre gent said the process is full of hurdles and it seems like few have the stomach , energy or persistence to go through it all.
    Glad you got the job centre to go to, beleive me they are so much better and sympathetic than the one I initially got, A4E, they are not so understanding in my experience.

    So good luck with the reconsideration, at the very worse all they can do is keep you on wrag, then if they turn you down there is always the independant appeals panel who overturned my original ATOS score of zero quickly and with the comment “Its ok we dont need to hear any more !!”



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