My Thanks to the DPAC Closing Ceremony participants

I wasn’t there yesterday when hundreds of fellow disabled people took the protest against ATOS and the DWP to the front doors of the respective  HQ’s.

I was at home watching on “” where Alburyj gave me a chance to be with those brave people in spirit.

Overall the 3 hours or so I spent watching the protest was a pleasing experience and I happily offered my support via the clever comment box.

I almost cheered when the amazing Adam Lotun, stated his intention to stand for MP in the by-election at Corby, Northants.

I was as surprised as everyone else seemed to be when, suddenly the disabled protesters, with those in wheelchairs at the front line, were suddenly overwhelmed by Police.

I couldn’t see precisely what happened but I’m appalled at what I’m reading this morning – perhaps one of the more shocking.

All I can do is send my wishes for a speedy recovery to Patrick Lynch, my hopes for success to Adam Lotun and my Thanks to EVERYONE there at the protest yesterday.

I’m going to the WCA debate at Westminster Hall next week and I promise to do everything I can to make sure whichever worm turns up from this Coalition Killing Machine, to answer the questions from Tom Greatrex MP; is made aware of the fact that we may die in our efforts to fight against the outcomes of the Welfare Reform; but, we will not give.