ATOS WCA report says UNFIT – DWP Disagree!

Yesterday I finally received my long waited for Work Capability Assessment Report, you know the one completed by the assessor

Imagine the shock I had when I read I had 36 points and it was recommended I was UNFIT for work and UNLIKELY to improve!

This was particularly shocking as I have been placed in the Work Related Group by the DWP decision maker.

So know it seems even when ATOS say we are too ill to work, the decision makers are ignoring it

On the advice of a clever friend on Facebook, today I’m sending my request for reconsideration of to the DWP by recorded delivery, CCing it to my MP

Will let you all know what happens


7 thoughts on “ATOS WCA report says UNFIT – DWP Disagree!

  1. Good for you, seems like the recording helps a lot , your ATOS wca took nearly as long as my Tribunal appeal which they stopped after an hour and said ” we have heard enough Mr Lloyd you needn’t say anymore” wierdly Iwanted to continue because they were so thorough, this compared to 15 minutes with a stone faced hcp who clearly was only interested in a yes or no answer, preferably yes you can !
    Have you come across the Supersession Panel system ? might be worth looking into if you have the energy, of course they can “reconsider” then if they say no you can go to the independant tribunal, but the supersession system seems to blow their minds and it’s actually one of their systems they seem to know very little about !
    But well done – a great advert for getting it recorded



      • Jayne, I think Oli has made a slight mistake. Supersession is for when you think you have new information which has superseded the old info.

        Suppose Jennifer (a made-up person) has got a serious mental health problem and was put in the WRAG. Three months later she has a sudden and complete kidney failure and has to go on to dialysis 3 times a week. This level of need qualifies Jennifer for the Support Group, so a request goes in for a supersession, where the new information is evaluated and Jennifer is told that she has been moved into SG.

        So, as you can see, Jennifer’s new award is not based on any reconsideration of the material relating to her first condition, just on the information about the change in health condition after the original decision. Supersession is NOT another way to appeal a ATOS dodgy assessment – or even a dodgy DWP decision.

        I imagine you saw that Dispatches programme featuring a doctor who went “undercover” into ATOS WCA training. One of the many interesting things about this report was that the Health Care Professionals (HCPs) were told that they did not have any official targets. However, if their reports showed more than about 12% of claimants would qualify for SG then they were likely to be “audited”. Which seemed to mean that someone would watch their assessments and then harass them.

        What actually happened seemed to be worse. The doctor concerned said that he had tried to follow the rules, but had clearly been marking “too high”. There result was that someone from the regional office, rang him up, lectured him and then changed some of the answers to get the “right” result. So even if you get an honest assessor, someone who’s never seen you can simply change the report to reflect they way they want it to be – no wonder some of them don’t look remotely like the assessment that actually took place.

        I’m guessing that DMs are now subject to the same regime – get the pattern of results which match what the DWP want, or we’ll just change the record of the facts until the sums come out right.

        I think you can send more information to the DWP’s decision maker, which might be handy. If you can get more evidence about the way your condition was at the time of your original assessment, then they are supposed to take that into account.

        If you can get additional material then it might be worth submitting it.


  2. Thanks Jayne, if you really want to get them in a tizwoz, Professor Harrington is also looking for feedback at the moment ! as you can imagine he’s had plenty from me lol !
    With my info for the MP I also enclosed a copy for Chris Grayling, to be sent at his discretion whilst he carries out his own investigation, which he is doing !!
    If you have to go to an appeal I can assure you at least with me they were great, not just “well can you get up stairs or not” but how does it affect you ??
    IF you have to go to them I can help with info if you need it.



  3. We have a new challenge – the DWP say they have “no plans” to allow recording of PIP assessments. I’m guessing that translates as, “More recording – Not effing likely.”

    Perhaps we can try to change that – but I’m betting they got ambushed by Harrington for ESA and have no intention of making things difficult for ATOS on the next phase.


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