My Saga with ATOS

Last week I got some brilliant news, ATOS said they would record my disability assessment! Up until my interview I was nervous that it was too good to be true, but for once, they were true to their word.  

Thanks so much for helping me stand up to ATOS – I couldn’t have done it without your support. The success of my petition shows that when we speak out together, we can change things for the better.  

As a disabled person, I’m not against having assessments – but I want them to be fair and I want to be shown respect. At the moment, going for an ATOS assessment feels like going before a jury that’s desperate to find you guilty.  

John McDonnell MP has launched an Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for “the work capability assessment to end immediately and to be replaced with a system that does not cause harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.”

If you agree with the EDM, click here and ask your MP to sign it.   

Thank you again for supporting me in fight for my rights,   



2 thoughts on “My Saga with ATOS

  1. I have sent two form back to ATOS/DWP in the last few months & on both in the any other information section it has been clearly stated that any verbal communication will be audio recorded. I have left it for them to read between the lines in that if they don’t provide the recording equipment then I will use a Dictaphone to do the recording myself. ATOS/DWP want people to fear them it is now IMO time for them to fear us.


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