ATOS and the WCA Recordings Saga – Update

WELL, I was told on the phone yesterday that my WCA on Friday IS going to be recorded!!!

Apparently they’ve managed to arranged for the machine to be ‘transported in from somewhere else’, their word

So, I’ll turn up on Friday prepared for anything and I’ll post the outcome.

Thanks to everyone who supported me and Good Luck to you all in managing your ATOS appointments


11 thoughts on “ATOS and the WCA Recordings Saga – Update

  1. Very very pleased that you finally got sorted out with this, Jayne. I am certain that recoded assessments have more positive outcomes because it much more difficult for the assessor to lie or write and present inaccurate reports when you have a copy of all that was discussed.

    My first Atos assessment – 0 points and a tribunal, which I won. Second Atos assessment – off the recod assurance i am to be placed in the support group. Only the latter was recorded.

    Well done for being assertive with these bulliesx


    • Thanks Sue, I’m hoping when I get there the recording equipment will be there as well!

      I totally agree with your comments and will let you know the outcome xx


    • Leicester Oli, so n the same region – shows they can do it when they put their minds to it & don’t forget you CANNOT be classed as a ‘no show’, if they can’t record your WCA!


      • Oli – what day is your WCA due? Two people have managed to get the WCA postponed if there isn’t equipment available (I’m one of the two I know about). I might be able to help/point you in the right direction? Xx


  2. Leicester do have equipment this week.
    I was approved for a recorded medial during may and kept getting repeated bookings cancelled (for normal medicals), eventually early july then they started saying I cannot have a recorded medical and forced an appointment for a normal medical. I started fighting, sending letters, using MP etc. but ATOS would not change their stance stating the DWP had told them they cant postpone appointments, the DWP refused to get involved stating they would simply rubberstamp what ATOS say and they also refused to put what they said in writing. On the day of my medical (last friday) I wrang up saying I am unable to attend stating the reason was it wasnt recorded as I legally requested, they to my surprise cancelled the appointment and told me I would be contacted when equipment available. Just 20mins later I got contacted again by ATOS and they made an appointment for the following mondaty (yesterday) stating it is to be recorded, and that leics medical centre has the equipment for a week. I have now had that medical and it was actually recorded to my surprise. Which begs the question given they had the equipment why did they try so hard to not give me a recorded medical.


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