I’ve had another assessment date today – Friday 20th July; made the obligatory phone call and the booking centre said this appointment had been made by phone & not the usual computer!!!!

Advised yet another call to Notts office, spoke to Natalie in Resources wgo said ” told by DWP we’re not doing recordings any more”

When I asked why it is because of the unreliability of the machines

SO – The DWP have said No MORE RECORDINGS!!

this is just another example of the way Government Departments ignore their own Polices and walk all over us!

What should we do now?




13 thoughts on “NO MORE RECORDINGS by ATOS!

  1. I had this. My WCA was rescheduled 3 times due to “broken equipment”. Now I’ve been told I will have a non-recorded WCA and if I refuse my file will simply be stamped “did not attend” and sent back to Job Centre Plus/DWP.

    They are blaming TNT for breaking the equipment in transit.

    It should be pointed out that despite ATOS being paid £100MILLION pounds per year plus bonuses to do the WCA, despite them paying their boss a £1MILLION bonus … it was actually DWP that bought the 10 recorders with more taxpayers money.

    Even criminals in the UK have the right to a recorded interview, but apparently the sick and disabled do not. We’re worth less to society than theives, rapists and murderers and are treated much, much worse!


      • I think it has been established that covert recording of this nature is not in itself illegal – otherwise all those TV documentaries would be illegal. However, they are within their rights to terminate the interview if you are discovered to be recording the proceedings surreptitiously – and probably to say that the interview had to be terminated before it was complete.

        There are rumours of people being searched for recording equipment before being allowed in ATOS testing centres, but that would, I think, be illegal.

        Still, anyone intending to do any recording without telling ATOS would be well-advised to keep their own counsel on this on. Incidentally, the same may apply to people who decide to record any phone calls they get fro ATOS. You can buy devices which will record phone calls without letting the other caller know, which could also be defended on the basis of poor memory or note-taking skills.


  2. Jayne – we all sign the petition below, for a start:
    Please, please sign this petition if you believe that ESA Claimants have at least as much right to ensure accuracy and freedom from interefernce at their interviews as a suspected criminal!

    dwp: Insist ATOS replace the Recording equipment used in Health assessments

    Claimants of ESA have the right to request their ‘fit for work’ assessments are recorded to ensure accuracy. The DWP purchased 11 Neal 9102 dual CD…


  3. The unreliability claim is a crock. CD recording is well established technology (hell, it’s old tech by now) and, barring some idiot dropping the machine or damaging the discs, pretty much 100% reliable.

    Pretty sure it’s not legal to record someone without their knowledge, though, so perhaps best not to discuss your intentions so publicly.


      • Just seen this, so adding a small point. It is not in fact illegal to record someone without their consent (there’s been a long discussion on B&W and elsewhere about this), but you may be limited in the use you can make of the recording.

        However, if Atos catch you recording then they will probably terminate the interview immediately – certainly if you refuse to turn the device off – and declare it all your fault – which could end up with you being denied benefit and denied the right to appeal.


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