What is an Evil Genius?

An article in The New Statesman called last week alternately berated a whole host of celebrities for being ‘Evil Genius’s’, and allegedly this band of people are growing disturbingly fast; he claims this is worrying as, ” the EG disturbs our cosy assumptions about the relationship between being morally good and being technically good at something.” 

It goes on to list numerous examples of these EGs found in Literature; noting Mephistopheles – ‘Doctor Faustus’ published 1664, and Satan  -‘Paradise Lost’ in 1667, as his earliest examples; and Voldermorte – Harry Potter, last publication 2007, as his latest. All the characters apparently have one thing in common, “These alter egos remind us how thin is the line between good and evil”

The numerous celebrities he has elected to represent his case are from differing fields with the “most powerful” Simon Cowell, monopolising us across television, the media and music; Michael O’Leary, persistently humiliating us when we fly RyanAir; and José Mourinho boring us whilst winning; being a few of the people qualifying as an EG.  He also alluded to one woman namely Anna Wintour, but conceded he was making the case based upon how Meryl Streep portrayed her in The Devil wears Prada!

I have to say rarely do I read such a poorly researched and banal article outside of the usual ranting in The Express or The Daily Mail.

I say this because not only has the author, chose to ignore any of the numerous EGs in the Bible, which was after all first published in 1384; almost 300 years before poor old  Mephistopheles; he also seems to think, we are nothing more than mindless buffoons who can’t define the difference between reality TV and real life, not have any morals if we choose to forgo frills for a cheap holiday or are willing to concede excitement for achievement.

I would possibly not as felt quite so insulted if he had chosen to identify any members of the Coalition as being an EG, what better example of a Evil Genius is David Cameron; he lured thousands of people into believing he gave a damn, and promptly pissed all over them.

Nor maybe, would I have felt such affront if he hadn’t persistently alluded to any path other than than of “God and religion” and therein unquestioning obedience, makes us corrupt! If thinking for myself, taking my own decisions and living my life the best way I can, make me immoral well so be it.

 This biased style of journalism is exactly what I think would be written by a an aspiring Evil Genius, and the very character the author advises us to avoid



 “The age of the Evil Genius” BYCHARLES LEADBEATER PUBLISHED 16 MAY 2012


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