Chaos in Government?

I am amazed, and in truth rather amused, by the number of ‘scandals’ about the standards of governance by the Coalition, springing up across the press.

Theres the on-going sage of A4 and the “Welfare to work ‘fraud scandal'” – The Telegraph; with the DWP, under the guidance of the detestable Iain Duncan Smith.

The justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, blaming the surge in prison numbers in the last 15 years on the popular press, who are somehow, “responsible for thousands of people being in prison who do not all need to be there”.

HMRC has failed to collect £35billion,  under the brilliant Treasury Department, the same department who is cutting £2.2billion from DLA; demonstrating another example of masterful incompetence from George Osbourne.

Within  days of David Cameron announcing his “Support for Families” project which  includes a digital service; Single parents with children over 5 lost their income support and were put onto JSA with threats of loss of all benefits if they fail to demonstrate they’ve looked ‘hard enough’ for work”. And then the announcement that most Cumbria is to lose their Broadband connection; let’s hope they don’t need the new family support.

These are just a snapshot of the numerous examples of the utter chaos in this Government; it almost makes me wish they would take Beecroft’s advice, in his £50million report, according to the Daily Mail;  then we as the people they answer, to could fie them for incompetence, or merely because we just don’t like them.


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