Of Course the Cuts are Fair?

According to the Telegraph today, Mt Cameron believes he can cut a further £25 BILLION from the Welfare budget, and he ants to achieve this through forcing people to work more hours or as the Government official says “encourage people to work longer hours, not just languish on 10, 15 or 20 hours”; he’s planning to get more women into employment specifically targeting single others and he wants young people (presumably under 35 if the Housing Benefit Cuts are anything to go by)  who aren’t in full time work  to stay in the family home.

A Downing St source sums it up as “Why should people only work part time? Why are young people who are out of work not living at home? Why are we incentivising people to have more children?”

And this at the same time as unemployment continues to soar, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jobs/9268730/Jobless-claims-set-to-climb-to-30-month-high.html

So, he has added part time workers, women, and unemployed people under 35, to his most vilified list; already including disabled, elderly, ill and unemployed people Well why not go to whole way and illegally enforce another new Act wherein any child not born healthy and into a family with at least £2.5million in assets,  to be compulsory sterilised at puberty! He could strike off most of the Welfare budget and the need for the NHS in a generation.

And then the majority of the UK will truly be in this together.

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