A day in my life with ATOS pt 2

Following my last rant on this topic I contacted ATOS to complain on April 30th; today I received the reply!

A three page letter on paper headed “Medical Services – Provided on Behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions; it begins with the usual” so sorry … “and I would like to extend my apologies” you expect from this type of epistle and goes on to explain their “procedures on the recording of assessments”.

Within this tome I was informed that the DWP funded 10 dual recording machines, so ATOS has a contract worth millions yet we, ought the recording equipment from public funds!

Furthermore I was assured 5 times that staff are ‘polite’ and ‘courteous’ at all times when talking with us ‘customers’.

Aside from this it was waffle.

So we can all be assured that when, sorry if, ATOS earn the contract for the PIP assessments we can expect more of the same treatment. And that is in my opinion, enough to cause us all clinical depression if we weren’t already.



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