Can Ignorance really be bliss? (Or why everyone should vote today)

In just today’s Guardian there are numerous examples of how really bad things can happen when people choose to ignore whats going on around them. I want to take a very brief look at just a few to see if  can really be argued that ignorance is a good thing.

We start with  – Boris Johnson poised to return to City Hall as Ken Livingstone fails to catch up; now I understand that Mr Johnson can appear to be a likeable buffoon, particularly when compared to the taciturn  Mt Livingstone. But, really come on Londoners, are you happy for your City to continue to mismanaged by ‘our Boris’ whilst losing the very image you’ve strived for, that of the educated Capital. Another similar article runs with Local elections: a talent show with really boring contestants  Political appointments are for to serious to have become a personality contest surely?

The second header is  – MI6 and Met condemned over Gareth Williams’ death; here is not the place to debate the whole trial but in a nut shell this poor man went missing and despite his importance at work, and the critical knowledge he held; no one reported him missing for 7 days.  And when he was found, tied up inside a  padlocked holdall, the Met’s investigation found Suicide to be the case.  I personally cannot believe this scenario but again no one knew anything!

Other headers I find hard to stomach include – David Cameron aide discussed BSkyB bid with News Corp lobbyist; again no one knew anything. We also have Mervyn King: Bank of England not to blame for crisis; really so who is?  

I’m positive I could find dozens if not hundreds of similar examples but at the risk of falling asleep I’ll not but, even his small sample, have much  in common specifically NO ONE knows anything. Whether that be people at grassroot  level, about their local elections; The Met and MI6 when carrying out internal investigations; Mr Prime Minister managing his Political Aides or the Head of the Bank of England looking after the Nations Financing.

This ostrich attitude, where we all bend over are stick our noses in the dirt whist being shafted from behind, is, in my opinion a primary reason why we as a Country, continue to hear, read, and watch show after show of incompetence, lies, and mismanagement by this puppet Government and the Companies that run it.

To stop this and change anything, everyone of us has to stop looking the other way, and take responsibility; for the one thing people have,and are still willing to die for; their right to Vote.

So to everyone who has local elections today – Just get out there and put your X in a box, it’s not hard and it DOES matter.




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